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  • Member: rubyeye
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  • Title: Dark Legacy
  • Premiered: 2001-11-29
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    • Kamelot Karma
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    Broadcast Premiere: Anime Fun TV - May 22, 2004 __ Episode 2; Season 3

    Best In Show (32%)


    KAMELOT's official website {Jan-Feb}

    -------- Original Message --------
    Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 05:41:03
    From: "Gabriela Avila"
    To: "Danniel Cecava"
    Subject: Your anime video on
    Hello Danniel,

    I am Kamelot's webmaster and I want to congratulate you for your outstanding
    work in putting together a video using the song Karma and clips from the Japanese
    animation Bastard!

    We are including a link to it on our Homepage, giving you full credit of course,
    so every Kamelot fan can enjoy it. If you would like me to include any other
    information or remove the link just let me know.

    I am an Anime fan and I just love what you did. You have an incredible website
    as well!!

    Thank you,


    ĒThe Masters of Melodic Metal Wizardry!Ē

    Thatís all it took for me to buy KAMELOTís new CD. This was the first new band I learned about since SAVATAGE and my last video. Further research proved my instincts were right. KAMELOT is definitely the flagship band of Progressive Metal for the 21st Century. Why? One word . . . . . QUEENSRYCHE! If you love QUEENSRYCHE as much as I do you will (automatically) love KAMELOT. They are directly influenced by the ĎRYCHE and if you didnít know better, you would think their lead singer, Roy Khan, was a pupil of Geoff Tate. But donít let that fool you into thinking they are just another ĎRYCHE clone. As per my choice of music off their latest album, you hear an amazing fusion of power and melody between the vocals and instruments that blend beautifully together creating the ĎRoyalí sound KAMELOT is known for.


    Karma, the albumís title track, is a Shakespearean-style introspective that questions a manís worth in life, and nobody has more sins compounded in his life like Dark Schneider. In truth, the chorus alone reflects the essence of the song, but BASTARD! genuinely mirrors the meaning of Ďkarmaí. The show itself surpasses all the positive reviews I read. Very dramatic and romantic, full of action, well placed humor, as always a terrific dub cast from Pioneer, discovering the names of all those Heavy Metal bands was a trip (MEGADETH was one of the most powerful spells where as METALLICA was just a castle, HA!), and to top it all off, Dark Schneider - the greatest anti-hero since Snake Plissken!


    I love both the song and the anime, but combining them in this music video doesnít quite do them justice. I donít think itís a complete failure, far from it. There are actually a lot of good points. As my fifth and final video, itís best viewed as an end to the beginning; a closure to my training and a start of better things to come. Iíve come full circle and this video demonstrates that. DARK LEGACY combines everything youíve all come to expect from me: fast/tight cuts, black screens, a selection of interesting images, excellent timing to the music (and letís not forget the great music), transitional fades, diptych imagery Ė combining two unrelated scenes to create a unifying whole (this video is loaded with it), little effects, and some very subtle scene manipulations such as inverting images and playing certain sequences backwards.

    I quite literally reached my limit with this video. Less than half way through I felt like I had used all of the most interesting sequences already and I havenít even hit the instrumentals yet; at final output I had less than 100MB on my hard drive. But in spite of my limitations I managed to create something new which I hope inspires you to watch the anime and listen to the band. This wonít be the last you hear from KAMELOT!


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