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  • Member: Aethyrial_Flame
  • Title: Sailor Tribute
  • Premiered: 2004-08-11
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    • Linkin Park A Place for my Head
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  • Comments: This was the first ever music video I made, and I spent around tow months on it ironing out the details. The quality of my fottage wasn't allthat good, but I maded do with what I had. When I started out, I inteded to show how Sailor Moon has been affected buy her sailor comrades, and in way this was a tribute too how they had done this. Although I starteed off with this goal in mind, i think that it turned out somewhat different, as I began too link everything too the music.

    Linkin Park is over done, over used, but I loved this song and wantedd to make something with it. I love the firt set of lyrics-

    I watch how the
    Moon sits in the sky in the dark night
    Shining with the light from the sun
    The sun doesn't give life to the moon to assuming
    The moon's going to owe it one

    And immediately thought of Sailor Moon. Course, thats the only footage I had, but- Viola! Here we go, one music video. Hope you enjoy!

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