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  • Member: Seles
  • Studio: Got Oro? Productions
  • Title: Ghost in the Shell: SAC 1st Gig Trailer
  • Premiered: 2004-08-09
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    • Yohko Kanno Stamina Rose
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    Time: 84 hrs
    Programs Used: Vegas 4.0, Sound Forge 6.0, After Effects 5.5

    This was an acutal school assignment that I took advantage of and decide to also make it a music video trailer as well. XP Anyways, this project was suppose to be a movie trailer project and since I'm so obsessed with GITS, I decided to do my trailer with footage from Ghost in the Shell for 1st gig.

    This video didn't take me long to do but I was experimenting with a program that the school told me I had to use; Vegas 4.0. A word of the wise, if you are new to amv making and don't like messy interfeaces and hard to find tools, don't use this program! This program was hell to work with.

    This video was orignally exported as a Quicktime 320x240 for the final project and since I know some people don't keep Quicktime on their computer, I rerendered it at AVI Xivd MPEG-4 at 320x240. So it might be a little pixelated but rember, this was set for Quicktime, not AVI

    Since I didn't have any raw footage of the GITS series, I used footage subtitled by AnimeJunkies and Anime-Kraze since their subtitles could be easily covered up. Which is why the sceen is a little smaller and one of the two reasons why I had to use After Effects. Otherwise, you will not see any subtitles so this is a subtitle-free amv. ^_^x

    Please enjoy this amv and constructive criticism is welcome as well as comments. And remember, a reviewer gets a review on one of their amvs by me. ^_~x Thanks!

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