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  • Member: LoopyChew
  • Studio: Laserchicken Productions
  • Title: Knock Down the Walls
  • Premiered: 2001-12-26
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Offspring Original Prankster
  • Anime:
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  • Comments: WINNER: Adrenal Category (Action/Horror), SakuraCon 2002

    This vid's a character profile of Vash, showing his various sides, from comic (beginning, parts of the chorus), to serious (other parts of the chorus), to angsty (the "C" section). There's a good dash of action in there, too.

    A lot of this video seemed to time itself, requiring nothing more than synching the frames properly. Actions are on the beat (and if not on the beat, I tried to put them on the beat), and all (verse) cuts are either relevant to the lyrics or lipsync (even "'cause wherever you're at," if you look hard enough). This is because I'm an uptight prick who tries to get every detail right.

    A lot of this vid came from watching too much Kusoyaro, BogoSort's "Stress," and SLB's "Vash the Cowboy" video. (Excellent vids, those last two. Check'em out if you haven't already.) Thanks to Jeff Petersen for inadvertently inspiring the execution of the chorusline, and to EL Rutt for helping me out of sticky situations with some stupendous suggestions.

    This video probably took twenty or so hours to properly edit, not counting the eight hours or so it took to rip the DVDs and the time needed to Flask the clips. (Gimme a break, it's my first vid. :P) I had a few problems in a couple sections, check the (early) journal entries for specifics, but for the most part, things flowed the way I wanted it to.

    Oh, and a couple of scenes look contiguous, but are actually edited together (not counting the ones where I edited out still frames). See if you can guess where. ^_^

    Thanks for taking the time to check out my video!

    Money scene (the shot that played in my head that told me that I HAD to do this vid): Second chorus. The Monev the Gale scene, plus the "Original Prankster" bits, sold me on the idea.

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