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  • Member: LCY84
  • Studio: S.M.A.H.U.T. inc.
  • Title: Supermoves
  • Premiered: 2004-08-07
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    • Overseer Super Moves
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  • Comments: Epilepsy warning : this AMV contains lot of flashes, speed effects, etc. Don't download it if you're epileptic !

    This AMV has been realised during the 6th French Iron chef, a competition between amvmaker who must make an AMV of 2:30 max long in 24 hours with the same music for all the participants.
    For all the details about the French Iron chef tournament you can go to the website : .

    Well, for this 6th Iron-Chef, Nostromo_vx has chosen the audio track which was a techno track ^_^.

    So I decided to make my AMV with the anime Ah my goddess and I think the result is very strange for an AMG AMV because this AMV is really speedly and show most of action scenes of the anime.

    I've realised this AMV in about 20 hours, I think it's a good result for this time passed to create this amv.

    winner of the 6th french Iron-chef
    2nd : Beppe
    3rd : Kwaichang
    draw 4th : Rikku & Roccket.
    I suggest you to dl these amvs.

    I hope you'll like this short amv.

    Please leave an opinion if you like or dislike this amv . (please take in consdideration this amv was made within 24H ^^;).

    ************************** TECHNICAL OBSERVTIONS ************************

    AMV realised with After effect 6.0 for all the effects and with premiere 6.5 for the finalmaking.

    Celeron 1Ghz 256Mo sdram

    XviD 1.0 compatible DivX
    2 pass
    mp3 256 kbps

    Thanks to amvdefans for the direct link; I suggest you to visit this website which is cool. (The site say sometimes the link is down; it works very well, so if you have some problem with that, wait a little and try again).

    VCA 2005 Semi finalist (Best dance video and Best instrumental video)

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