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  • Member: lelldorin
  • Title: Busstop Antics
  • Premiered: 2004-08-06
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    • The Pillows Waiting at the Busstop
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  • Comments: This is the third AMV that I've made, but only the first I've posted anywhere where PEOPLE I DON'T KNOW can look at it. i'm quite proud of it; it's short, but I though the song was long enough for me to actually do something with, and besides, I hate long songs.

    I've always wanted to do an AMV of FMA to a Pillows song, and originally I was going to do the AMV to something like White Ash or Rookie Jet or the english version of We Have Theme Song(a bonus track on whatever CD Scent of Sweet is on, if you're wondering). However, after listening to this song again, I realized how fun it would be to choreograph action to this particular song, and there you have it.

    This is action in that most of it is violence, and a character profile in that it is mostly about my favorite homunculus, Greed. There's shots of ed beating on greed in there, envy getting beaten on by Greed, and Greed's Chimaera Corps beating on military guys. This AMV is chock full of spoilers, so if you haven't seen past episode 34 SHAME ON YOU and don't watch this.


    Thank you everyone for the positive reviews! i'm glad that my first attempt at making a music video was actually decent enough to warrent positive reviews!

    For those curious, the translation and lyrics for WAITING AT THE BUSSTOP can be found at Instant Music. More specifically, they can be found here.

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