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  • Member: Restless Soul
  • Title: Nowhere Kids
  • Premiered: 2004-08-05
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    • Smile Empty Soul Nowhere Kids
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  • Comments: This is the first video I will be able to upload onto this site as of now.

    This was a...complicated video to create. It took me about 10+ hours, and another hour or two where I had to sit around waiting for the video to be created. x.x

    This AMV was created solely to broadcast the feelings of a few characters in the animes listed above. For Ayashi no Ceres, it mainly focuses on Aya Mikage, with Yuhi and Aki making brief appearances as well. Fushigi Yuugi, Miaka is the main subject, with small appearances by the Suzaku Seven. Eikoden is also featured, with Mayo having her time. Inuyasha...the title character is supposed to be the main focus, though Kagome manages to worm her way in at times.^^;; And then Yu Yu Hakusho, it's Yusuke's turn, with small cameos to Genkai and Yukina at the beginning.

    The main reason I created this video, though, was to show how I thought the characters of these shows felt at times. How all of them seem to be hated by others at times, and how it frustrates them and such. I'm not exactly sure if I got this point across, so please, tell me if you think this video could be improved so that it would be more clear.

    One thing...this video, for some reason, had a problem which kept it from being created in a larger format. Though the quality is quite good, in my opinion, the screen is small. Also, please do not let the fact that this AMV is the format of WMV dissuade you from looking into it. I have no program which allows me to compress it, and this is the only reason it is in this format.

    I would appreciate comments on my first video uploaded onto^^ Ja!

    Created in---Windows Movie Maker 2.

    JUST A NOTE---This video also contains scenes from Fushigi Yugi OVA 3: Eikoden, and the scenes from Yu Yu Hakusho are NOT spoilers. For some strange reason, 'Edit Video' will not allow me to change these mistakes. I will try again at a later time.

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