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  • Member: greenjinjo
  • Studio: Greenjinjo Studios
  • Title: Advance Wars 3: Evangelion Commercial ReHack
  • Premiered: 2004-09-18
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  • Songs:
    • Advance Wars 2 Soundtrack Allied Super Power Theme
    • Advance Wars 2 Soundtrack Andy's Theme
    • Carl Orff Fortuna Imperiatrix Mundi
    • Harvest Moon 64 Soundtrack Summer Theme
    • Various Famous Quotes From Movies
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  • Comments: Video will be uploaded on September 19th (the weekend of its first showing at Nan Desu Kan) in honor of my one year anniversary of making videos!

    ReHack is a video that I knew was going to come out as soon as I got a few reviews on the original videos. Several things were pointed out as "it would have been funny had you done this...", and I just took those from there and recreted this video.

    Why "ReHack"? Becuase I recently saw Evangelion ReDeath ReDux (which is absolutely hysterical, I recommend every Eva fan see this at some point), and wanted to play on that name.

    Most of the video is the same as the original with the exception of a few parts. First off, the Advance Wars 3 logo towards the beginning and end of the video were recreated with the Platinum edition of Evangelion since the original Eva logo looks much cleaner and brighter. I decided not to use the Platinum for anything else in the video because I only have the first DVD and thought it may look awkward if some of the video is done in remastered Platinum footage and some is done in regular Eva footage.

    Thanks to Quiet Cannon for the great idea at about 0:40 in the video ^_^ I really enjoyed remaking that part.

    I also tryed to resync some of the quick beat/scene changes that are present towards the end of the video to make them flow more. It turned out better in my opinion.

    For more info, check out the comments I made for the original video, which I copy and pasted here for your reading convenience ^_^

    Comments on the original video------------>

    Well it's finally done. This video took me what felt like forever (but was really only just shy of a month). I at first was just playing around with the humorous concept in Premiere and then realized that I could make a whole video out of this. So that's what I did =)

    I also broke my last promise, and that's no more Evangelion videos. Well, tough ^_^ It was too cool of an idea to pass up. I think it'll be fine on originality though =)

    My first thoughts for this video was to be an infomercial, but I thought that may be too corny =)

    To get 100% out of this video, you really have to play Advance Wars. I think you'll still find it pretty funny if you haven't played it, but you'll certainly get the most humor having played the games before (and if you haven't, you should, they're great games) ^_^

    I think I may have spent as much time in Photoshop with this one as I did in Premiere (you'll see what I'm talking about when you watch the video). This video may require you to watch it a few times before you pick up everything I added to it.

    Some of this info may contain spoilers on the video, so you may not want to read this until you're done watching!

    Info on the audio: Yes, I know the Advance Wars songs aren't the best quality, but it is quite honestly the only audio I could find, and I didn't even find it, I copied it from an emulator. First, before anyone points fingers at me, I do actually own the game.

    As for the song Carmina Burana, in case anyone was wondering, I did indeed use Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi. O Fortuna is only the first half of that song.

    This video was an absolute blast to make, especially editing all of the battle scenes and the Super Power scenes. Once again, I'm completely guilty of not working linearly on this one, the BERSERKER part was the first part I actually worked on, and the rest was just as out of order ^_^

    The Harvest Moon part towards the end was just something for fun I threw in when I rewatched parts of Eva episode 19. As for the credits, well, let's just say I'm a fan of some original Mega Man ^_^

    Some copyright notices of course ^_^

    Advance Wars: Intelligent Systems & Nintendo
    Harvest Moon: Natsume & Nintendo
    Mega Man: Capcom

    End spoilers

    Note: This video is at NekoCon as a Non-Competing video.

    Contests the Original Video Participated In
    So Sohma Studios 2004 Summer Fest
    CNAnime 2004
    Globocide Video Contest

    Best Comedy: Ani-Magic 2004
    Asuka Award: Nan Desu Kan 8
    2nd Place - Trailer: AnimeUSA 2004
    Runner Up - Comedy/Fun: Anime Destiny 2004
    Best Comedic: CNAnime 2004 (Original Video)
    Best Effects: So Sohma Studios Summer Fest 2004 AMV Contest (Original Video)
    Best Overall: So Sohma Studios Summer Fest 2004 AMV Contest (Original Video)

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