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  • Member: Unlimited Rice
  • Studio: Sharingan Eye Productions
  • Title: Never an End for Her
  • Premiered: 2004-08-03
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  • Song:
    • Ayumi Hamasaki End of the world
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  • Comments: Well, I made this just for Yasumicon's JPOP AMV contest...

    well.. it took 2 weeks but in all.. probably not even 10 hours.. even though i've been on for the most part like 12+ hours a day ... mainly just being interrupted by the little things.. or falling asleep... and other evil stuff..

    Ok.. for a nice lowdown, it starts out nice and smooth with Naomi gettin ready.. suiting up and then she's goes off..... and then it starts to have some action where she starts fightingi some dudes.. and then it goes off to some flashing action that may have nearly caused me to have seizures after reviewing it and editing it for half an hour.. yea.. fun stuff...

    oh yea.. that weird really slow wavy effect seems really slow... well.. i was editing in 360x240 at the time and it looked fine.. i guess importing the AVS files with the bigger video sizes affected the settings of the effect.. *sighs*

    I've seen a lot of AMVs ending with peacefulness, or a calm scene.. mine ends with Naomi charged up and ready to fight ^_^ and I think it turned out quite nicely I suppose

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