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  • Member: Laigleroyal
  • Studio: Istiv Studio
  • Title: Istiv :Un Autre Monde ( another world )
  • Premiered: 2004-08-02
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    • Telephone Un Autre Monde
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  • Comments: Here is my 6th AMV on Animatrix footage. In this video i wanted to transcribe the nearest it is possible, the lyrics of the song from the french band named Telephone: "Un Autre Monde" (another world)

    The song really fit the Animatrix world.

    I was dreaming of another world
    Where the Earth would be round
    Where the Moon would be blond
    And life would be fertile
    I was sound asleep
    I didn't see in feet anymore
    I was dreaming of reality
    My reality my reality

    I was dreaming of another Earth
    Which would remain a mystery
    An Earth, not so down-to-earth
    Yes I wanted to chuck it all away
    I was walking with my eyes closed
    I wasn't able to see my feet
    I was dreaming of reality
    My reality my reality

    Yes I was dreaming of our world
    And the Earth is really round
    And the Moon is so blond
    Let the shadows of the world dance tonight
    As I was dreaming, still
    She thought I was really futile
    But when my moves made her go round
    My reality - forgave me

    ["She" is the reality, here]

    And let the shadows of the world dance...

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