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  • Member: Kalium
  • Title: Baby, Forever
  • Premiered: 2004-08-02
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    • Styx Lorelei
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  • Comments: Editing start: June 23
    Editing stop: August 2, 3:30 AM.

    One day, while at Meijer (I don't know why) I took a look in the music section. While looking for a Tal Bachman CD for a different idea, I came across "Come Sail Away: The Styx Anthology". Thirty minutes later I was home and listening to it. I mean, 2 CDs of Styx goodness for $20. How can a guy argue?

    The next day, I decided to look up the lyrics to Lorelei. After looking at them for about thirty seconds, I have a mental image of a lady strongly resembling Skuld hitting me with a hammer: "Ah! My Goddess. Do it!"

    So, the idea came, and I now know not to piss off my muse for fear of the hamer. Of course, this means I had to do it.

    Well, ten days later, I had. If you're not familiar with the song, it's one of Styx's early songs (1975, I believe - the album "Equinox"). I actually trimmed about a minute off the original, because the original final minute of 'Lorelei' is musically very different, and rather boring/repetitive.

    On the video itself, I'd like to explain a few things. It's at 11.988 FPS because I screwed up my AVS scripts for preprocessing and left off the assumefps. Between force FILM and IVTC, the footage would up at 11.988, and Magix take the framerate of whatever the most recent import is.

    trythil: for some beta testing, as well as for the derainbow that helped the footage look a lot better.
    godix: late stage beta testing, and some suggestions that helped a lot
    mckeed: for being good natured about me shamelessly working from his style, as even he agrees
    To anyone else who gave me feedback during beta testing that I may have forgotten the name of at 4:30 AM - thanks to you too.

    VirtualDubMod 1.5.4
    Magix Video deLuxe 2.0 Plus

    Only change in a cool lit fan that's been added. It's really cool, though....

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