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  • Member: Kurayami-san
  • Title: Darcia: Nostalgia is thy Future, Insanity thy Fate
  • Premiered: 2004-07-30
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  • Songs:
    • Angel Sanctuary Sanctus
    • Angel Sanctuary Sara's Death
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  • Comments: Aww... Darcia-sama!!! ^^ The bad boy of Wolf's Rain! But oh, so lovely XD

    Actually, this is the 2nd try making a Character Profile about him. The first attempt was back in February, but I stopped after editing the first few seconds of the song. Until now that was the only AMV I've abandoned. But I am glad I did it, because otherwise this Darcia-AMV wouldn't exist ^^.

    It's also the first AMV based on two songs. Moreover, those two are both taken from the AS OST, although firstly, I felt unsure about using another Anime's OST. I should also admit, that both songs are shortened. Please don't wonder about that. I had my reasons ^^.

    The first part (= Nostalgia) was pretty easy to edit and deals with the episodes 1-26. It's like a little flashback that explains the second part of the AMV (= Insanity). That one deals primarily with the episodes 27-30, but also contains some stuff of the earlier ones. I'm afraid, 'Insanity' went me insane. It took... a while... until I understood the rhythm of the music o.O
    Getting the clips into it, reminded me a lot of my YnM-AMV. ^^;; (those ones of you who have seen it, know why)

    Altogether I hope this AMV does Darcia justice. Please let me know what you think...

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