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  • Member: NeoQuixotic
  • Studio: Nova Eve Studios
  • Title: End of All Eva
  • Premiered: 2004-07-28
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    • Howard Shore The End of All Things
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  • Comments: This is the first time I've ever thought of using instrumental music for an amv. It all began when I was searching the forums and found the Intrumental AMV Project (currently dubbed "Animasia"). Long story short, I joined it and began working. I searched for some music and settled on one of my favorite tracks from the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King soundtrack. Howard Shore is such a great composer and I thought I should use something from him instead of John Williams; another great composer. The only anime I currently had footage for and thought would fit was Neon Genesis Evangelion. I simply went with footage from Death and Rebirth and End of Evangelion.

    As for the editing, I learned a little about AVIsynth and went for a fairly simple approach. I must say I'm proud at what I made. This video wraps up the Eva story from the beginning to the end (in a very tight nutshell I might add). I profile the three children and Misato because I thought she was important to the story too. This video really only makes sense if you've seen Evangelion. I'm sure that some people may ask "Where's the fight with the Eva series"? I decided not to include that since it wasn't very important to the actual story. I tried several approaches with what footage to use and this is the best one I came out with. As with anything, there is room for improvement.

    I never kept track of the hours of footage prep, actual editing, beta viewings, and the final filtering and encoding, but I'm sure it took at least 30 hours (probably a lot more). However, this was over the period of 3 months. This should of been done a while ago, but it doesn't matter now. I must say that the techinical guides helped me out so much and that everyone should read them! Last but not least, thank you Otohiko. I must say that "The Wasteland" was a big part of my inspiration, since before I thought my idea was crazy.

    Well enjoy my grand creation and watch for it coming out in the Instrumental AMV Project (Animasia) along with other excellent music videos created by many other talented editors!

    **Update 10/13/04**

    I've located the lyrics to "End of All Things". The first lyrics are in a language from Lord of the Rings, then the translation of those are after it in english.

    Mi naurath Orodruin
    Boe hedi i Vin.
    Han i vangad i moe ben bango.
    Sin eriol natha tur in ugarnen
    Sin eriol um beleg ugannen
    U cilith 'war
    U men 'war
    Boe vin mebi
    Boe vin bango

    Into the fires of Orodruin
    The One must be cast.
    This [is] the price that must be paid.
    Only thus its power will be undone,
    Only thus a great evil unmade.
    There is no other choice,
    There is no other way.
    One of you must take it,
    One of you must pay.

    Dannen le
    A u-erin le regi
    Rang ail le iestannen
    Lu ail le tegin na hen.
    Gwannach o innen ului
    U lu erui, ului.

    You have fallen.
    And I cannot reach you.
    Ever step I willed you on,
    Every moment I lead you to this.
    You never left my mind,
    Not once, not ever.

    Anirach unad
    Egor gurth hen
    Han cenin vi chen lin
    Egor u-erin le devi
    Tellin men achae
    Brennin men anann
    Rago! U-erich leithio,
    U-erich o nin gwanno.

    You want nothing more
    Than this death.
    I see it in your eye.
    But I cannot let you
    We have come too far
    We have held on too long.
    Reach! You cannot let go,
    You cannot leave me.

    Nu dalav
    Urui tuiannen na ruith
    Leithia Orodruin oe in phan.
    Ristannen i geven,
    Danna eliad morn.
    Si, na vethed
    Meth i naid bain
    I wilith uria
    I ardhon ban lacha!

    Beneath the ground
    Swollen hot with anger
    Orodruin releases all its ruin.
    Earth rips asunder
    Black rain falls.
    Here at the end;
    The end of all things.
    The air is aflame,
    All the world is on fire!

    Orthannen im vi ol
    Coll e du
    Or hiriath naur
    Na rovail mae sui 'waew
    Man prestant i ardhon?
    Cerithar aen illiad dim uthenin?

    In a dream I was lifted up.
    Borne from the darkness
    Above the rivers of fire.
    On wings doft as the wind.
    What's happened to the world?
    Is everything sad going to come untrue?

    The lyrics fit in a general sense so I'm happy. I didn't even think about the lyrics when making it and now it is nice to know that the song I chose was a good choice for Evangelion.

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