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  • Member: fizzucker
  • Title: Gay boyfriend
  • Premiered: 2004-07-27
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    • The Hazzards Gay Boyfriend
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  • Comments: This video WAS NOT made by ME!!!!!!!!! It was done by my sister. This is only her 2nd AMV but it turned out well. From this point my sister will be talking.....

    Hihi I am the sister of Fizzucker. My friends...(if i had any...) would call me chikenwing...but hey my mom calls me that. I love long strolls on the beach and a man who can listen. If you are out there contact my brother or you can IM me at Blnklove3. As you can tell from the SN I love Blink-182! My most famous catchphrase is "My fish is in my pants!!!(R)" You may not under any circumstances use that phrase or you will be contacted from my lawyer who also happens to be the fish that is in my pants.

    My video was influenced by Gay people! I LOVE gay people! They are the most awesomest pplz around. I truly wish i had a gay boyfriend but sadly I am stuck with a straight one whom i am willing to let go of for a sexy single such as you. I like chobits. I cried when I read the last manga. It was so sad. And the worst part was I was in biology class. Chobits is such a pretty anime. I love chi. I wish i was a persocom. in fact i was going to buy the headband of of ebay but it sadly requires a credit card. T.T I also like hideki. I wish my boyfriend was like hideki. even though hideki is a sick pervert sometimes, he still does not love chi for the love making he loves her for who her program tells her she is. BTW if my boyfriend reads this I was just kidding about the leaving him *wink wink*

    Now for the video talking about thingy. I like the way my video came out it was very pretty. chi is very pretty. plum is not pretty...but she is the CUTEST thingy in the whole widest world! She dances a lot in the video. I hope you enjoy the viewing pleasure of my magnificent masterpiece in which I slaved over for more than 3 whole hours. I will gladly talk to anyone in need of a friend. Ilove friends. I will be your friend...if you want me to. however, i have obsessive compulsive disorder so it may be of inconvenience to you. Nah...just playing I don't have too many problems in the head...oh yes...the's good enough to watch but not to win anything....*wink wink* however i wouldn't mind being sent a trophy if you absolutely must. Enjoy the video for it brings many young men and women pleasure you cannot measure. Bye Bye my homies in da crib ya'll word up. Much luv Dawg PEACE!

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