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  • Member: kain2983
  • Studio: Kingdom of Tolono
  • Title: To Be Strong
  • Premiered: 2004-07-24
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    • Breaking Point One Of A Kind
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  • Comments: This is my first video to the series Hajime No Ippo. This video is also the first video that I spent this much time on. The video is about the two fights between Ippo and Sendo.

    Ok in this video I worked a lot on the timing. But I think there might be a few spots that are a little weird for people in the end when it keeps saying 'Hey' I was trying to time the clips change with the word not the punches.

    Also I have been told that this video lacks a very indepth story to it. So I guess I will try and explain what I was going for when I made it. And that is that they are fighting to find out what it means to be strong. Now I know I should have done a better job at showing this in the video I really just wanted to make an action video so I kinda left the story out. But, if anyone has seen Hajime No Ippo they would probably get it because this is the same story that is used in the show. I know it is a bad idea to make a video that only the people that have seen the anime will understand but I believe that the simplicity of this video makes it enjoyable even if you don't know the story behind it.

    Also this show just came available here in the united states except here it is called Fighting Spirit.

    Thanks for watching hope you enjoy it.

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