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  • Studio: Pwolf's Anime Music Video's
  • Title: Omoidaite Ima
  • Premiered: 2004-07-23
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    • Tane Tomoko Message #9
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  • Comments: First off, this video is quite different from any of my other videos. I started this video back in December 2002 but decided I should wait until the DVDs were released as I was using fansubs as footage. Trying to get around subtitles isn't easy, especially if you want the video to turn out exactly the way you want it. Anyway, even after getting the DVDs, I completely forgot about the video. It wasn't until I was looking for an idea to use for AWA10 Masters that I remembered this. It turned out I still had the old project file (thus I know when I last worked on it :P).

    This video was going to be my AWA10 Masters video, but after remembering that last years masters video used this song, i shyed away because i don't want people bitching at me. plus, it's this video isn't that great, wouldn't win anyway.

    When i was working on this video i didn't really have a conept i wanted to work with. The concept came as i was editing. That's why i say it's different from my other videos, because my other videos were made from a definate concept, this wasn;t.

    here is a breakdown of the video:

    00:00 - 00:10: This is basically just to give you a setting. Show you where in the show I’m using and also to give you an idea of maybe what the video might be about. Sousuke is in a battlefield...

    00:10 - 00:23: First thing here is the heart beating/breathing. It starts with the mech in the sight and then goes to Sousuke looking around and being a little hesitant. After this point, my brain took over and it's more or less just me doing what my brain told me to do. I really didn't know where it was going to go or had any real concept to work off of at this point.

    00:23 - 00:38: This part here, I’m not quite sure why I did this or kept it because it doesn't really reflect the rest of the video. BUT, I think I kept it because it acts like the beginning, it sets the scene. It's a battlefield and these are the soldiers, the next scenes reflect this a little more.

    00:38 - 00:48: It goes back to Sousuke with his eyes closed, remembering his dead comrades. War is a place where friends die, and you can too.

    00:48 - 01:06: It then goes right back to Sousuke. This is where the video shifts from the battlefield to home. Sousuke is remembering Chidori which is why I have the frames going by. This part was a real pain in the ass. It took me over 3 hours to search through all the eps to find exactly what I was looking for, which turned out to be very little.

    01:06 - 01:16: This part then shifts the focus of the video to Chidori. The eye effect was actually really simple using the color key transparency and fading in Chidori.

    01:16 - 01:23: This part is basically just a bunch of pictures... pictures are memories so I felt that it was a good scene so show that Chidori is also thinking about Sousuke.

    01:23 - 01:30: I think I’ll explain this part later...

    01:30 - 01:40: This is a scene that I wanted to add because I think it adds more emotion to it. Chidori is looking at this picture of Sousuke in uniform on the battlefield. Then a tear drops from her eye onto the picture. I had to edit a frame in this scene. In the show, when the tear hits the photo, the next scene cuts in before the tear finishes or disappears. I wanted to make the scene last longer so I first took a frame before the tear and added it to the back but the lighting changes so it's very noticeable. What I had to do was go into Photoshop and remove the tears in the very last frame. It was a lot easier then it sounds...

    01:40 - 01:44: The video then shifts back to Sousuke on the battlefield... more on this later.

    01:44 - 02:08: This is the end of the video. It's a small fight scene. Sousuke is attacked and there is an explosion at the end...

    Ok to clarify a few things I didn't say above. Starting at 00:15, I start using the spiffy looking "effect-like" scene. This is a scene in the show when Chidori helps Sousuke to fight the really, really, really big mech. I wanted to use this to signify more or less a spiritual bond between the two. At 00:15 it's begins to start as Sousuke is being hesitant which then leads him to remember his fallen comrades and then Chidori. At 01:24 I use it also as more like an unconscious aspect of the bond. Even though there is no physical bond between them, they are mentally and spiritual bonded, so even though they aren’t together at that moment, their heart, thoughts and feelings are. At 1:41 I use it once more, this time I use it to more or less to signify that her thoughts and feelings are apparent to Sousuke and he notices the attack against him and reacts. It gives him the courage to fight. At 01:48, I use another scene. This isn't like the others but I use this to signify the last scene I explained. Sousuke is now thinking about Chidori and it gives him the courage to live and fight. Also at 01:59, I use a similar scene to do the same.

    At the end, I wanted to add something that shows the two together, give the video a happy ending. But after thinking about it a little, war never ends with a happy ending... the solider on the battlefield may not come home. So I left the ending a little vague, I want the viewer to decide what happens next. Do you want it to be happy and Sousuke comes back alive, or will he die in the end? anyway, i hope you enjoy it.

    The title of the video is “Omoidaite Ima” which I’ve roughly translated to “Remember now”, “I will remember now” or something along those lines. this line is in the song, and i felt it fit well. I don’t know a lot of Japanese, only what I’ve picked up from watching anime and doing my own research. I’ve asked around a little, but haven’t been able to get a good translation of that though. If anyone can provide an accurate translation, that would rawk. Anyway, the title seems to fit either way.

    Failed video titles, thanks to the amv chat and my friend :P

    Shameless Drama Video
    Fletcher’s anonymous
    Dramatis Personae
    Gasaraki Panic
    Trading places
    Alternate Universe
    Dust, ashes, Soul
    Dick and assS
    Drum to a different beat

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