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  • Member: AaronGram
  • Title: Jungle Fever
  • Premiered: 2001-05-22
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  • Song:
    • Dance Dance Revolution Afronova
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  • Comments: Ah, where to begin on this one...

    This was my first (and last) attempt to work with full-frame video on a PC and also the last AMV
    idea I actually executed for a long-running period of time. I was scrounging round my video
    store's Anime collection when I came across this Anime that was rated 13 & up. Now lemme
    tell you that any story whose main character's tits make up for most of her body wieght is clearly
    gold in the 13 & up genre. I had to do something.

    What was intended to be a short snicker turned out to be the most tedious and fustrating project
    I had ever come to grips with. I had worked with Permiere in school and was not impressed, so I
    stuck with MediaStudio 6, which had no problems editing on the timeline but required you to essentially
    re-render the entire timeline to just preview the sequence. After a month I had completed the
    90-second piece but was well-worn with the editing process. I began to edit an Utena video I had
    pending, but only cut 10 seconds worth before a total dissolution with making AMVs set in,
    preventing Jungle Fever from ever seeing AX2001.

    Years have past since then...

    Video Tech Specs:
    700mhz AMD-K6
    128mb RAM
    30gb HDD
    MediaStudio 6 using DV-NTSC footage.

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