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  • Member: AaronGram
  • Title: Slim Shinji
  • Premiered: 2000-01-13
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    • Eminem My Name Is (Fatboy SIlm Remix)
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  • Comments: This video has a long long story behind it...

    T’was a hot summer at the turn of the century (1999), and I had finally reached the age at which parents trusted you to drive without a legal license and starving hotels wouldn’t call your parents to verify their credit card. Yes sir, I was 16 and going to AnimeExpo. I had been dreaming of going since I was 14. Hell, back then I even iron-pressed my own AX’97 shirt to show my support because no one would take me (feel free to sass me for being a cute kid ^-^).

    Before AX, I had seen only one AMV in my life… a video file I accidentally downloaded during my massive FTP binges at Ms. Haruna’s Homeroom (whattup to all my fellow Homeroom leeches!). The AMV was clips of Sailor Moon cut & sync’d to Rage by some guy named “Darkstar.” I shortly after began making my own AMV (see “Fuck the System” video). Going to AnimeExpo ’99 and seeing all those AMVs and seeing that entire room filled up with people clapping and cheering for those pixilated shorts made me realize that this wasn’t only a hobby, it was an art form. When I got home the idea that I had to make one of these ate away at my idle mind.

    It came to me one hazy in day December while reviewing the entire Evangelion OVA series for the 3rd time that year that Shinji Ikari is the most annoying character on the planet. The initial viewer always lays pity, but by the 3rd time you wish the footage had somehow changed overnight so Shinji’s dad arbitrarily shoots him in the face midwhine. Being the breakbeat connoisseur that I am, I had also acquired a Drum and Bass remix of Fatboy Slim and Eminem. Listening to the lyrics at the speed made the Anime and the song simply just click together. Having about 13 hours of footage memorized in my brain, I immediately went to work.

    I asked my older friend Pat (whose hobbies included buying entire dubbed series in VHS, speed, ecstasy, and building EVA models with tweezers incessantly) for an extended rental on his tapes and bought a parallel-port passthrough MPEG-1 capture board. The bundled software was a 1-video/2-audio editor with no speed controls or frame-by-frame editing, so the video lip-sync was essentially just timed right. Oh the glorious fun I had when the Printer would go apeshit while capturing.

    It took about a 3-weeks to put the video together, and in 2000 I took it along with me and dropped it off at a desk at AX along with another video I did for drama in about the same span of time (See “Silence”). Much to my surprise, both survived the tedious night of judging the finalists. Both my videos didn’t win, but I will say it was worth it just to watch the audience watch my work. I don’t remember how many fractions of a decibel I lost by, but I do remember Pat being higher than a kite and lifting me up by my shirt immediately after the show, saying he gonna kick my ass because I didn’t win. Lucky he forgot the moment after letting go of me. *shrug*

    After AX I had been meaning to upload my mpegs, but I didn’t know of any site to host such a big file, and I’d be damned before I’d use that god-awful ASF codec. So it sat there until somehow it was “leaked” onto the web. I have no idea how, but I only got word of it when emails in busted English from Germany and Poland were landing in my mailbox. (Apparently, my vids are still being traded in Germany.)

    Well, after I guess after over 4 years I finally found a place that will host my videos, and judging by your membership here, the community has since exploded into phenomenon. Cool.

    Okay I’ll stop talking now.

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