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  • Member: badmartialarts
  • Studio: Bad Martial Arts
  • Title: Pentaxial Theory of Gravity
  • Premiered: 2004-07-18
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    • Man or Astroman? Specify Gravity
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  • Comments: Just a little experiment in how much I know about Premiere, in preparation for making some better videos.

    Now, don't get me wrong, this is a good video. But working on it for three weeks burned me out a bit. Watching the finished product....I am overall pleased.

    Goal of the video is a simple character profile of Radium Lavans. He goes a little psycho, is saved by the love a woman, and then....

    MASSIVE SPOILERS. You've been warned. :) But, hey, if you're not gonna waste your money on ZOE anyway, or are curious as to the storyline before purchase, well, here ya go.

    Okay, a quick explanation of the title. I have said to others in the past that there are 5 types of sync.

    1) Beat sync. (hitting beats with cuts or actions)
    2) Lyric sync. (if it says 'rose', put a rose on screen....lip sync ties in with this as well)
    3) Pacing or 'mood sync'. (slow/soft beats get slow/soft scenes, and vice versa)
    4) Effect sync. (Effects that go with certain instruments, or certain musical 'phrases')
    5) Tonal sync. (Light colors to high notes, dark to low. Or, you can just follow Alexander Scriabin's note-color theory, which is what I did.)

    I tried to use all five at once. Well, as much as I could without shooting myself, because that's a lot of work. And I'm really lazy. :)

    Programs used:
    Adobe Premiere Pro (NO AFTER EFFECTS, though the effects I chose would have been easier/flashier in it)

    Encoded at a CBR of 2000 kbps, so it's not the highest quality, but it's under 70 mbs. I hate to upload something bigger than that, since I'm not donating all THAT much to the .org. :)

    If this video plays slowly, or probably need the latest version of FFDSHOW or the latest XviD codec. I've heard a few complaints.


    (is it artificial? this gravity is strong)
    (is it artificial? this gravity is strong)

    You have to see it corrected
    You have to have it destroyed
    You have to see it corrected
    A correction, destroyed yes

    Is it artificial?
    This gravity is strong
    Is it artificial
    This gravity is strong, strong

    You catch it on the screen
    Freeze, fast forward to the rewind
    I have it in my head
    It's frozen, fast forward to the rewind

    You're drifting out of focus
    Freeze, immobile like a test slide
    You're falling out of focus
    I can see you, I can save you

    Is it artificial?
    This gravity is strong
    Is it artificial?
    This gravity is strong, strong

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