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  • Member: burntoast
  • Studio: Blood Sugar Productions
  • Title: Lifestream
  • Premiered: 2004-07-14
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  • Song:
    • Chrno Crusade Bond
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  • Comments: This is an instrumental video based on the world of Final Fantasy VII. I've had some experience editing with non-vocal songs before ("Admiration" from Initial D and "Alone" from Naruto), but those were only piano solos. They were nostalgic and sounded good to me, yet comprised of slow piano keys, they limited my editing style.. So after creating those vids, I yearned for something with more depth and emotion to it. I soon found this song from the Chrno Crusade soundtrack, entitled "Bond". It's full of violins, cellos, classical guitar strums, clarinets; all that good stuff. I think this orchestra piece represents FFVII well, if the scenes and the editing match up good enough.. So here's hoping I didn't bomb the idea and execution all at once. :P

    My goals and intentions for this AMV: Basically, I've been a fan of Final Fantasy for some time now, and FFVII stands out to me as being one of the best "classic releases" of the series. I wanted to capture its essence by using a combination of emotional scenes, subtle effects, good timing, and a steady pace. However, some parts of the music make it hard to utilize all of these categories at once, so I admit not doing so well in those sections. Anyways, I made this video for the love of the idea I came up with at the time.

    Misc Info: I tried my best at making the quality as good as possible, but some slight defects might be noticable in the video. Some of the footage is letterboxed while others remain untouched. I had to do some slight resizing (or should I say, upsizing) with a certain scene or two in order for it to look good. These parts might have a bit of pixelation in them. Another problem I ran into was the frame rate of the footage at 15 fps. Sometimes I had to speed up or slow down footage for various reasons, but it didn't always come out too well.. Note to self: Editing with a low frame rate can be really bad. -.- Anyways, enjoy the vid.

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