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  • Member: RoryTate
  • Title: Badlands
  • Premiered: 2001-11-20
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    • Metal Church Badlands
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  • Comments: Either this song inspired Trigun, or vice versa...well, then again maybe not. They are just so similar in concept's uncanny when you listen to the lyrics.

    Technical Facts: For software I used Adobe Premiere 6, Virtual Dub 1.4.7, and bbMpeg. This is my first video, and it took me around 40 or 50 days to complete it. I started just using VirtualDub to make clips and append together the first 10-20 seconds, giving myself a feel for how to do things. Once I moved up to Adobe, it was 30 days (the trial period ended the night I finished...boy was I rushing!) 'til the final version.

    Trigun uses a very wonderful setting (a "post-apocalyptic" world) to create a lot of the motivation and atmosphere that make the anime so great. The dry, desolate setting of the desert is crucial to the whole storyline, and the song really bears witness to this. The lyrics start with the idea of struggling through the desert, and then move on to concepts like: morality, perseverance, faith, and remaining true to your own ideals in the face of great hardship--which is exactly what Trigun is all about.

    The song has many "Christian" elements (although Metal Church, despite the name, is NOT a Christian metal band), and it made me look a bit more closely at the religious symbolism in the anime. This is also what likely caused Wolfwood to become more prominent in the video than first anticipated. There are other concepts that the song inspired, causing me to take several fresh, new looks at the anime...hopefully it helps others share in that feeling.

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