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  • Members: himemiya, Tenjou
  • Studio: Shapeshifter Studios
  • Title: End of Innocence
  • Premiered: 2004-07-14
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    • Delerium Innocente
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  • Comments: (Updated February 21, 2005: Won Judges' Choice Award at Katsucon 11, given out by Christine Larson)

    (Updated January 19, 2005: Changed links to reflect new hosting and new studio, Solunar.)

    Short and sweet information for a short and sweet video.. ^_~

    ~ The second collaboration between Himemiya and Tenjou..

    ~ Created solely with episode 11 and a bit of episode 10 of "Maria-sama ga Miteru", or "The Virgin Mary is Watching You".. So obviously ***SPOILER ALERT*** for those episodes.. ^^

    ~ And accordingly, this is therefore based on the relationship between Satou Sei and Kudou Shiori..

    ~ Himemiya heavily edited Delerium's "Innocente" which was originally 6:29 minutes down to 2:21 in order to be able to work with their extremely limited footage..

    ~ We had only been introduced to the series "Maria-sama ga Miteru" the week before we started, Tenjou thought up the idea for the video during the week, and Himemiya finished the cut song a day after Tenjou mentioned it to her..

    ~ The video was completed over Easter weekend, both working at Tenjou's computer on and off for 3 days..

    ~ The introductory piano piece is performed by Yoko Kanno, and apparently found on one of the "Cowboy Bebop" soundtracks..

    ~ Who else notices the obvious, obvious reference to Oscar Francois de Jarjeyes of "Rose of Versailles" in the opening and ending?.. ^_~


    "Innocente" by Delerium

    You can't see my eyes
    They don't see yours
    Hear me when I say
    They don't mind at all

    It's the rain that I hear coming
    Not a stranger or a ghost
    It's the quiet of the storm approaching
    That I fear the most

    It's the pain that I hear coming
    The slightest crystal tear
    Drops to the ground in silence
    When my love is near

    Darling, when did you fall?
    I couldn't feel you
    Darling, when.. when did you cry?
    I couldn't hear you

    I suppose it is the price of falling in love
    I fear that it is the price of falling in love

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