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  • Member: Kumaguro
  • Title: Blame Game
  • Premiered: 2005-07-05
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    • Wild Orchid It's All Your Fault
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  • Comments: I was so scared that half way through making this video I was gonna run out of footage again! The major delay was the last 37 seconds... then I found video I hadn't even thought to look for.
    The first 15 seconds took hours! I didn't get to use the song that I wanted 'cause the video was different from what I'd expected (since I was planning to make the second Haru Daki video since I finished my first)
    I hope people can apprecate that timing is better in this one... I know it's not perfect but I tried. the chair I was on is soooo uncomfortable!

    Again, I managed to deter from the sex, other people and scenery. (yay)
    it's hard considering how much sex, other people and scenery there are in this anime!

    I'm overall happy with the result of this. I love text integration!

    Reviewers, please try to be gentle... ^_^ I make these videos for my fanbase, not for people who sit around the computer, ready to critisize work that isn't theirs.

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