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  • Member: EXODO
  • Title: Sakura Cardcaptor
  • Premiered: 2004-07-13
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    • Britney Spears Everytime
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  • Comments: This is a character profile, serious, romantic AMV based on Sakura. Using the song "Every time" from Britney Spears I could create a grate video using lots of dissolve transitions. I had the idea of this video the first time I heard the song "Every time", it seem perfect for Sakura because it is a very emotional character that has very strong feeling and confronts problems no adult has. The theme is about getting to know Sakura in a very deep way by exploring her emotions (mostly "love"). Any Sakura fan would like to watch this AMV because it only had emotional footage and action footage contrasting each other. I thought about giving slow motions effects in some parts of the video were I see they can be well used. The video is like a dream Sakura has, everything are just memories but noting has happened in reality. The video has a great concordance with the song and they complement each other by showing what the song is saying. The video is has a lot to do with the song because each of them are slow and peaceful making this AMV a great video. For any comments please leave an opinion or write to:

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