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  • Member: sailorkagome180
  • Title: Remembering You
  • Premiered: 2004-07-13
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    • Tacky & Tsubasa Sotsugyou
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  • Comments: Yay, my 2nd AMV! ^-^ It's an Inuyasha one (again), and it's a Romantic/Sad one, with the couple InuxKag. The song used was Sotsugyou by Tacky & Tsubasa. This music is played in the Inuyasha series, when a very important character dies, but I'm not going to say who, cause then I'd spoil it for the people who don't download Sub clips xD I really love this song, it's just so pretty, and sad sounding.

    When I was listening to it, it suddenly reminded me of episode 48 (Return to the Place where we first met), which is my favorite episode so far, it always makes me cry everytime! ;.; Inuyasha swears to Kikyou that he'll protect her from Naraku no matter what, and then embraces her, and junk. Kagome is behind a tree watching them, and when the whole scene is over, Inuyasha sees Kagome, and yet doesn't look ashamed. Kagome runs back to her time, and convinces herself that their's no room in Inuyasha's heart for her anymore, and that he has finally choosen who he truly loves, and it's Kikyou. (he even says it himself, back in the Fuedal Era) Kagome trys to go back to the Fuedal era so that she can return the Shikon no Kakera that she accentally brought with her, but she's afraid because then she'll never be able to go back to the Fuedal Era again. She then stands in front of the Goshinboku tree, and remembers all the memories she's had with Inuyasha, and suddenly realizes & admits, that she loves him! Then she starts crying, because her heart is broken T.T

    It's just so sad! T__T This song reminded me exactly of that episode, so I went to it, and made an AMV about Inuyasha & Kagome remembering each other, and moments, and junk :] I think it turned out great, I tried to get the timing of the actions on the scenes move exactly with the rythem of the music, and it turned out pretty good! I spent alot more time on making it perfect more then my first AMV (Together Again), and it was a pain, because my Movie Maker thingy is alive, and it hates me! >< It keeps freezing on me, and junk, anyways I hope you all enjoy it!!! ^__^

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