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  • Members: jasper-isis, krzT
  • Studio: Allegretto Productions
  • Title: Absolution
  • Premiered: 2004-07-12
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    • Bond Allegretto
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  • Comments: Caution: slight A!MG spoilers ahead.

    Background on the Character:
    Morgan le Fay is one of the most overlooked characters in the Ah! My Goddess movie; however, her tragic past and vengeful attitude are key ingredients to the story. Her harboring of the vindictive lord Celestin brings about emotional [as well as mental] lapses to the main character, Belldandy. Her motivations for allying with Celestine add depth and dimension to his ideals. Morgan's role intrigued both creators from the beginning of the movie. She is a very perplexing and deep character to follow, and her ambitious attitude [as well has her incredible history] allowed us to formulate a music video based on her.

    Background on the Song:
    Allegretto is a Bond-style remix of the first movement of the song Palladio, originally composed by Karl Jenkins. After deciding to set this video to an instrumental piece, it wasn't difficult to conclude that a Bond song was probably our best choice [especially for an action video]. Allegretto is upbeat and intense, but also shrinks into a more mystifying and delicate melody later in the song. The song provides the best of both ends, and the creators thought to be a very appropriate choice for an AMV of this nature.

    Absolution is krzT's first-ever and jasper-isis' second music video.

    jasper-isis' comments:
    Somewhere around spring break, krzT and I decided that we wanted to make an AMV. A good AMV. I had just released my first video, and we were all pumped up and ready to go. So we picked out a movie, and krzT chose the song, and we got to it. We edited for about four hours before calling it a night.

    The video wasn't touched for the next three months.

    Luckily we regained the motivation to work on it when summer began. And somewhere between then and now, the AMV had evolved. It was no longer just a flashy action video, but a full-fledged character profile with its own storyline. And to enrich this profile, we emphasized not only Morgan herself, but also her relationship with the other characters. We wanted to show the bitterness that she felt towards Keiichi and Belldandy's love, as well as her justifications for defending Celestine. Having the assistance of other characters certainly helped us when we were in danger of running out of Morgan scenes. :)

    In all, I had a great experience trying my hand at action AMV's and collaborating with my studio partner. I hope you enjoy the hard work that we've put into this piece!

    krzT's comments:
    Wow. I can't believe that this video is finally complete! Being my first AMV, I was pretty intimidated by this movie [and of course jasper-isis ;D]. Morgan le Fay's role in the Ah! My Goddess movie really did appeal to me in a way that I could not imagine. I don't recall ever reading or watching any character like her before. I could feel myself being side-tracked thinking about the way she affects the story. Cold and harsh, yet diffident and reserved, Morgan represents a very realistic [besides the whole fairy deal ;D] woman defeated in the battle for love. It was a difficult video to follow through to the end. With Allegretto's repetitive nature, jasper-isis and I had a hard time finding adequate footage pertaining to Morgan. Overall, I believe we did an excellent job, not only on the video, but also working as a team. Although there are so few videos focusing on Morgan le Fay, I hope that Absolution will be a great attribute to her small collection.

    This video won "Best Instrumental" in the AWA 2004 Expo contest. Enjoy!!

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