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  • Member: Rogue Guymelef
  • Studio: RoGG Studios
  • Title: Key of the Secret
  • Premiered: 2004-07-02
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  • Song:
    • Dune Keep the Secret
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    Originally I wasn’t going to post this video, But I changed my mind due to the fact that it made the finals in the AX AMV Contest. The video isn’t up to my personal standards as it doesn’t tell a story, or really have a point… well, other than pointing out that Hitomi’s pendent is an important part of the show (if ya haven’t seen Escaflowne, the pendent is kind of like Hitomi’s key to helping her see her predictions).

    I slapped this together over one weekend, so most of the footage is just random clips I thought looked cool, plus one effect which I used a few times throughout the duration. My reason for creating this so quickly was that the contest submission deadline was only a week away when I started and I just had to enter (otherwise I would have felt left out U_U). Also, it had been over a year since I had done any AMV and this was a great motivation!

    And now a little story –
    When I was at the contest I was totally clueless that my video had made the finals… so I wasn’t expecting to see it. (I don’t know if they sent out emails to inform the finalists or not, because I never received one! Whatever.) Anyways, so there were 4 categories… after watching the first three, the list of the 4th was displayed on the screen. I wasn’t paying attention to it, so my buddy says “Hey. Isn’t that your video?” pointing to the second title on the list. Still thinking that I hadn’t made it in, I was like “Hey! Someone stole my title!” But when they played that video, it WAS mine! I was happy and upset – happy that I made in, but upset that I didn’t know about it and almost missed it because of a ticket screw up. …I dunno, I just wanted to share that experience with you all.

    Anyways, check it out. You just might like it! And feel free to leave me some crap. (You know, opinions. Or send an email.)

    - RoGG

    Finalist - AnimeExpo 2004

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