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  • Member: [Mike of the Desert]
  • Title: KÚlossal
  • Premiered: 2004-07-11
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    • SR-71 Goodbye
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  • Comments: This time with the comments I'll try to be short^^" I always write too much!! But please Read these ones is important!! Well, this is my MOST HARD WORK, and surely the one when I worked more, and.. Again, surely, MY BEST ONE. I don't think that soon I'll put again a so huge effort in an other video! =P Why I say this? Well, I again used that frustrating program called Movie Maker, but I wanted to do more, that it can do. I wanted to surpass the normal viewing of a music video. So I also used Photoshop... Yeah, working of SINGLE PHOTOGRAMS, single screens... Of nearly every istant of the video, to do more complicated effects and a more well done synch... I worked HARD on it.. I modified almost 1600 single screens.. And try to count until 1600!!XD Are MANY. It's been hard this I must admit it. But I'm proud of the final work. Another thing that made me work really hard is the LYRICS SYNC, this time, every single second or sentence of the song, is well synched also with the lyrics, and about this I'm really proud of myself!!! Sorry if I'm so little auto-critical but I'm in the euphoria of had finished a so huge work for me..!!! I worked on it nealry 70 hours, I think something lke from 59 to 70. I didn't really counted them. Wow, I must be short!! Well, I'll be really short now!!!

    First, it's my most hard working and effort video, and probably my best one. I worked on 1600 single screens on Photoshop to do what I wanted, I worked on it nerly 70 hours and I done also a LOT of Lyrics sync, with the acion sync, all the song is lyrics synched, and a last thing, is the quality that for my standards is awesome. So, Enjoy and please comment!!! I Need and I would love your comments even if terrinly rude!!! And take care about the fact that I used MOVIE MAKER!!

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