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  • Member: pen-pen2002
  • Title: Requiem for a Nightmare
  • Premiered: 2004-09-25
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    • Clint Mansell Requiem for a Dream
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    WINNER, Best Horror at AWA 10.


    WARNING **Extreme Spoilers** WARNING
    (This is a 7 minute video to a 45 minute movie, not much was left out.)

    "Fabulous job... This is favorite material."
    -Bakadeshi [AuN Studios]

    "I am not going to watch that video if I can't see the sun through my windows."


    This piece, at its core, is about memory. Reliving the good memories, suppressing the bad ones, rationality cowers in the face of such emotions. Memory is a powerful and selective force. What if your memories could outlive you? What if you could leave behind a testament to your memories? Would it be a place of joy, of calm reflection, or, as in this piece, a vengeful trap, a nightmare. Join a crew of innocent spaceworkers who venture into just such a world.

    The piece begins with a quiet melody; faint opera music can be heard in the background. As the music quickens, the piece chronicles their journey into the unknown. A few minutes into the piece the music changes dramatically, it is once more subdued but it has taken on a much darker tone. It is at this point that the nightmare begins to take hold. At first it is only visions, but soon the line between past and present, between vision and reality, begins to waver. Slowly but inevitably, dreams become reality and the men are consumed, trapped in a world of jealousy and revenge.

    There is no salvation, and for these simple, hard-working men, there is no escape.


    This video was originally started for the Instrumentality: Animasia project back in the beginning of 2004. Most of the editing was done in a month or two, but I continued tweaking it until AWA. The feedback given to me by the other Animasia editors was very helpful in getting the video polished. Otohiko was especially helpful, suggesting the title cards and generally contributing to the final layout.

    It premiered at AWA 10 Where it won “Best Horror”. Unfortunately The compression for AWA was done by my brother with me directing him over the phone, due to a misunderstanding of the deadline. Therefore it was a pretty much hit or miss 200 some Mb Xvid.

    Then I unfortunately lost my source (but not the project files) so my submissions to Animasia and Globocide were based of the VOB on the AWA pro DVD. In addition, the aspect ratio was incorrect in both my editing program and my submissions. The Animasia DVD will have the current version.

    The current version:

    The aspect ratio has been corrected, a credit sequence added, and the whole thing re-exported. I spent 3 days exporting the current version, and I can say I am at least satisfied with the results. The reason it took so much time is that my comp was so slow, it took me 10-15 minutes to see a single frame of my filtered video. This fact, plus some over compression problems, made for a difficult and exhausting encode. To give you an Idea, I have a file called Requiem-default 35.avs I was also not able to use some commands like mfToon, because encoding times ran upwards of 40 hours. Finally I got a good script and exported the final version, only one problem remaining.

    The Credits:

    My uncompressed export was not actually the final version. It was missing the credits and a few last minute edits (I took out the zoom in the green field scene, re-timed one of the finale cuts, and fixed an audio leveling error at the end.) So now I had to make some credits. I made a very nice credit sequence with a great ending. It took me 5 or so hours and I was very proud of it. However it was 30 seconds long (after I cut it) Kalium saw a preview of it and forced me to cut it down to the current length (5 or so seconds) and it’s a good thing he did, otherwise you’d be beating down my door armed with pitchforks right about now. Good man, Kalium, very practical. I’ll keep my version, just in case.

    I think this will be the final version, at least for the foreseeable future.

    WARNING **Extreme Spoilers** WARNING
    (This is a 7 minute video to a 45 minute movie, not much was left out.)

    Quality note: There are several scenes in the video, mostly early on that contain immages that were supposed to represent a TV display. The noise is intentional and in the source (and in some cases, timed to the beat.)

    Not tested on animals... Well, maybe a little bit... If you count Otohiko.

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