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  • Member: Atvaark
  • Studio: Atvaark
  • Title: Something New
  • Premiered: 2004-06-19
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  • Song:
    • Placebo Every Me and Every You
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  • Comments: This video entered the first French Iron Chef contest.

    It happened on a Wednesday evening on a French AMV IRC channel. LCY84 said: "Hey, the US guys are having fun with their Iron Chef contests, let's do the same, but I want to change the rules. The two contestants will have 24 hours to complete their vid, and the only requirement will be to use a given music. For the rest, contestants are free to do whatever they like." (Actually, he said it in French, and admittedly these were not his exact words, but who cares.)
    So he asked who wanted to compete, Kragdrim and I said "OK", and we all scheduled a meeting on IRC for the next Friday night at 8 pm.
    We also discussed a bit and established the following rules:
    - The winner is judge for the next contest.
    - The loser cannot be rejected if he wants to compete next time.
    - The judge is responsible for finding contestants, the music and other judges. Basically, he is responsible for everything until he gets replaced by the winner.
    - We're doing it for the fun, so these rules are not strict. That's just a friendly contest.

    So we all gathered on IRC on Friday night at 8 pm. Actually, since I live in the US, it was 11 am for me, and I was at my workplace. Anyway, I'm software engineer, so having IRC on my computer at work is not that much of a problem... Obviously I wouldn't be able to start working on my video before I would be back home, but anyway, I was ready to spend the whole night editing if needed.

    And I did it... I started working on this video at about 7 pm, and I went to bed at 6 am. Which means that this video was made in less than 11 hours.
    I woke up 5 or 6 hours later, just in time for the results to be announced. If you really want to know, I won ^^ but you should check out Kragdrim's vid anyway.

    Making a 2 min 30 AMV in such a limited time frame is a very exhausting (especially when you spend the night on it) but also a very cool experience.

    I had ripped Stink Bomb before the contest started. My computer is quite slow at ripping, so I had to use it though the lyrics didn't match at all. I tried to make them match the best way I could and I concentrated on action. I like the result, especially for something made in 11 hours.

    The only differences between that video and the one submitted are:
    - logo, disclaimer and credits added,
    - better encoding.

    Now that the tradition has started, other French Iron Chefs have happened, and other will happen in the future!

    I hope you'll enjoy the show!

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