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  • Member: Jebadia
  • Studio: Destination Skyline Studios
  • Title: Escaflowne the Movie: Theatrical Trailer
  • Premiered: 2004-07-07
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  • Songs:
    • Armon Hambar Future World
    • Brand X Bushido
    • Elliot Goldenthal Victorious Titus
    • Hans Zimmer Jouney to the Line
    • Patrice Deceuninck Lord of the Rings Music & Sound
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Well this is part of a 3 part project, possibly 4 part if I feel like doing another tv spot.

    Theatrical Trailer
    Teaser Trailer
    TV Spot

    This theatrical trailer was pretty difficult to do, with a rather bland dub to work with and often relying on the music being use to drown on the music in the dvd audio that was leaked in the Center channel. All in all it turned out nice, I did some beta testing on someone who hadn't seen the film so that kinda helped.

    In total I used 5 source for my music:

    Brand X: Bushido
    Hans Zimmer: Journey to the Line
    Patrice Deceuninck: Lord of the Rings Music & Sound (which is used in the finale)
    Armon Hambar: Future World (Didn't think this would actually fit till I tried it)
    Elliot Goldenthal: Victorious Titus (I still want to do more with this track)

    Most of them have never been used before...other than the Hans Zimmer track..which I think only I have :\. It's all in my ball park.

    The last time I've tried to make a trailer from scrap like this was back when I did the Spriggan Trailer. I don't think I've ever really gone that far with a fan trailer since until now.

    So enjoy, and maybe this will persuade you to buy the movie....if so..then I have succeeded!

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