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  • Member: MeriC
  • Studio: Temple O' Trunks
  • Title: All-Purpose DBZ Music Video (How to Make A Bad One)
  • Premiered: 2001-11-21
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  • Songs:
    • Brak Don't Touch Me
    • Limp Bizkit Rollin'
    • Linkin Park One Step Closer
    • The Sims "buy" music
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  • Comments: "All-Purpose DragonballZ Music Video"
    (AKA: How to make a bad DBZ music video)
    (AKA: College students will do anything when you put them in front of a video camera)

    Writing the description for this video is going to be the most difficult one I've done so far, so please bear with me. ^^;

    I should say immediately right off the bat, that I, in no way, hate DragonballZ. It was one of the first animes I fell in love with back in 1996, and while I no longer watch the show as much as I used to, I still love it very much and take in the occassional episode every now and then. In terms of this music video in relation to DBZ, I stand by my old personal philosophy: you make fun of the things you love.

    I also want to note that I wish not to offend anyone in this video. It’s all for fun, and if you do get pissed off, I’m sorry (unless it was intentional, hehehe).

    On with the description of this video. This video idea spawned from my anger. After going to many of my college's anime club meetings, and just hearing what anime fans in general have to say about DBZ and DBZ music videos, I just got pissed off. I think it's ridiculous to judge an entire group of anime music videos simply because the majority of them suck (OK, so I don't blame them too much, but it is frustrating). Sure it takes some effort to find the good ones, but still, its annoying for those who know and love and grew up on the series. Anywho, I thought of what it was about DBZ music videos that make people hold such opinions. Well, it ain't too hard. Bad quality fansub clips, long un-edited scenes, over-used Super Saiyajin scenes, over-used music, etc etc. So I figured I might as well poke fun at this entire sub-set of excruciatingly bad videos, as well as those who judge them. I'm not sure if this is perpetuating the problem or not. I think of it as educational. *snicker* So yes, in summary, I was getting pissed off at people, and decided to make a video to vent some steam. And whoa mama, did it feel good!

    This video takes place on a TV show. The music video is actually a product you can own, and the show is trying to sell it. The product is meant to be all DBZ music videos all wrapped into one (or at least, all the stereotypes of DBZ music videos all wrapped up into one) You’ll see some really….odd items. I’ll just say that the video varies between equal amounts of scenes of actual (bad) music video footage I made myself (yes, it’s *supposed* to look bad), and real, live action footage I recorded with myself and my co-writers. I think that’s all I can really say without giving anything away.

    Now for some fun facts!
    - Duane Johnson and ErMaC (we really do love his "Closer" EVA video, but Andrew just wanted to mention it in the video) are mentioned and hinted to in this video, and a Kevin Caldwell video is playing on a laptop. Why? Because we love them! We wanted to give mad props to the people in the AMV world we love. That, and using Duane Johnson in our parodies is something of a tradition in my circle of people (I worked on “This is Otakudom,” the fandub parody, in which Duane makes a special guest appearance).
    - I hate to explain jokes, but I’m gonna have to for this one. One subtitle in the video reads “And Gen…your check is in the mail.” Gen Fukunaga is the head of FUNimation, and joke is just meant to imply that we're paying him. :P
    - A small joke was used from “This is Otakudom”, the line about being from Spoufton, NJ.
    - All the TV show background music was taken from “The Sims” video game. I like it cuz it sounds like cheesy shopping music. :P
    - See if you can find all the hidden items!
    - Our TV show host, Andrew, is swearing a Ranma/Recca-like kung fu outfit underneath his sports jacket. We were going to give him a hat to wear to look just like Recca, but we opted not to.
    - All the video mistakes in the Majin Vegeta vs. Goku segment are there on purpose, such as “Play” in the upper corner, to show how bad the editing is, as well as the messed up tracking.
    - The Mr. Popo joke in the TV segment…that was all Andrew. :P
    - The bathroom scene was shot in a real bathroom.
    - Close to 1:30 of live action footage had to be cut out of the video in order for it not to be longer than 7 minutes. O_o
    - We took a jab at Xbox. Why? Cuz the three of us hate the damn Microsoft product to no end.
    - The audio in the bathroom scene is downright shitty, and I'm very dismayed about that. :( Since it was Mike's idea, I didn't want to cut it. We also needed a transition between the lip syncing scene, and the Linkin Park scene, so I kept it in. Lesson- video camera audio is a bitch to work with.

    Now, for the songs used:
    Rollin’ by Limp Bizkit- c’mon this is a no brainer. This is the stereotypical “I want to do an action video with Vegeta and Limp Bizkit, cuz Vegeta RAWCKS!” This is kind of a reflection of all the e-mails I used to get from people saying I should make a Vegeta/Limp Bizkit music video. Well, here it is!

    Don’t Touch Me by Brak- I just figured it would be funny to do a lip syncing video using this song. That, and the Brak thing has been done before. ;P

    One Step Closer by Linkin Park- ah yes, the Linkin Park video, the kinda thing that populates the AMV world. I wanted to use this song because…hell, it’s just obvious. You can’t make a DBZ parody video without making a reference to Linkin Park. The theme behind this segment is “good quality clips, but no plot, cheesy effects, and over-used footage of Super Saiyajins who are ‘about to break’.”

    Wow, I think that’s all the info I have on this video. It was absolutely fun making it, the most fun I’ve had on a video in a while…not bad for something that began out of anger. I really hope you enjoy this project. If anything, I hope it just puts a smile on your face. I’d really appreciate it if you’d write a review of it, too. Thanks to all those who check it out, and to all of the people who made this project possible. Ummm…Enjoy! Please don’t hurt me! I’m just out to have fun! ^_^

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