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  • Members: princess myu, niji tsuki
  • Studio: "shut up, sit down, and watch my video" Studios ^^
  • Title: AMV-Thriller! [Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu Yu Hakusho Inuyasha]
  • Premiered: 2004-07-04
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    • Michael Jackson Thriller
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  • Comments: I had made this video once before and it was good (not great, but good). Unfortunately I have the very much stupid Sucks-alot Windows Movie Maker (ugh!), and for months on end, my video effects and transition weren't working so nothing neat happened. Well finally I did something right with my computer to where it stopped being a doody head and gave me my transitions back (yay!) and I quickly went through adding effects and brand new clips to it.

    Now, if you knwo anything about Yu-Gi-Oh! and are like my sister and I, *takes deep breath* EVIL BAKURA IS SCARY! AHH! *ahem!* Anyway, I put together clips off all the people I think are scary from the three show Yu-Gi-Oh!, Yu Yu Hakusho, and Inuyasha: Marik, Bakura, Hiei, Yoko Kurama, Sesshomaru, Naraku (who unfortunately doesn't get a big part X_X Sorry, weren't a lot of clips w/ him) and...I think that's about it.

    Well, if you think they're scary too, you're welcomed to watch and scream along. If they don't scare you, WATCH ANYWAY! Why? Because I said so ^.^ hee hee. Just kidding. But I think you'll enjoy any how.

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