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  • Member: TheFungus
  • Studio: BlueSkyeStudios
  • Title: Wonderwall
  • Premiered: 2004-07-04
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  • Song:
    • Ryan Adams Wonderwall
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Well, this is actually my first attempt at making an AMV.

    I was bored one afternoon and I realized that I could bide my time with making a music video. I mean, I have read that people actually spend months on these why not have a go and just try it myself?

    Well, doing it was easier said than done. I had all the programs I needed...but I was lacking one thing: inspiration. I sat around for a long time thinking about what to do, and eventually I fell asleep. I then awoke and realized that I had a nice little inspiration going. I immediately ripped my "End of Evangelion" DVD on to my computer. Then, came the tasking of editing the video and choosing a song. Of course, earlier that day, I had come across the acoustic version of "Wonderwall" by Ryan Adams(which is a cover of Oasis' song).

    Basically, in the beginning the video had a little direction...but after a while I moved away from using all of the characters to just using a select few. It's pretty much a "depression video." You know how you want that ONE thing, but you can't have it? Well, that's pretty much what I used for Shinji wanting Asuka. I hope everyone enjoys my debut AMV!

    Programs used:
    Adobe Premier 6.5
    Virtual Dub

    Special thanks to:
    Xnod of Bloodsugar. Thanks for all your help man!

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