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  • Member: zenmetsu
  • Studio: zenmetsu studios
  • Title: beautiful lena
  • Premiered: 2002-02-15
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    • JoyDrop Beautiful
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  • Comments: several people i talked to at katsucon really loved this video. and then, a few didn't. heh.

    ok, this was meant to be kind of a no-frills lipsync video. you could say it was inspired by kevin caldwell's "engel" eva video, tho it doesn't play for comedy at all. this is a serious character profile of lena. she's supposed to be the one singing the song, but other characters will lipsync certain lines. this is intentional, and used only for lines that i thought appropriate.

    this video took me just about three days to complete. that's three days of doing little else. i'm considering making some release notes for this video on my website, since the things i'm most proud of are the edits that no one would notice on casual viewing. pasting mouths onto faces and such. premiere slowed to a crawl while i was making this, because of editing lots of it frame by frame.

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