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  • Member: TeclmmlEd
  • Title: Naruto Is Acknowledged PT 1
  • Premiered: 2004-06-30
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    • Hoobastank The Reason
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  • Comments: *MY NEW VIDEO*

    Well how should I start this off? This video has been one of the most mind blowing HARD AS HELL videos that I have ever done. This is my first Naruto video and it looks like one of my best videos. I have been sitting on my Butt for 2 - 3 months making this video. First month was thinking bout the PERFECT THEME for this video the rest were editing time. I defiantly timed everything perfectly I like checked to make sure that everything was timed 1000 times and it is (THIS WAS VERY HARD!!). ALSO what made this video so hard was that I had to go threw 8 different themes for this video before I could find the right one. These are all the themes right here the eighth one is the one I choose.

    #1 - Well the first theme was to have a Naruto and Sakura story but ya when I thought about it in my mind it didn’t work out to well. I mean there are no images of Naruto doing anything bad with Sakura like hitting he or anything because in the song there are the lyrics of “I never meant to do those things to you.”

    #2 – This theme was supposed to have a Rock Lee tribute to show how he loves Sakura. In the end I didn’t like the results so I thought of the next theme.

    #3 – Believe it or not I was going to do a Kakashi tribute with this song somehow but it never worked out because of the song lyrics.

    #4 – This was supposed to be a Gaara Tribute this one actually worked for a while but than I realized that Gaara does not fit the description all the way and plus there are many great Gaara videos and I would like to do something different.

    #5 – This was the worst to do because I really don’t like these characters. The characters are Zabuza and Haku and it was supposed to be a Zabuza and Haku tribute. This went really well until I found out that there would not be a perfect reason to make this video with them. I mean they fit the description but there is no point to make it because there are many tributes to these two great warriors but I won’t do it. I don’t like them that much. -_-

    #6 - Aww yes the sixed idea how could I forget this. This one worked but I would never ever do it on the fact of there being way too many Sasuke tributes. Plus it would have turned into a Sasuke and Itachi tributsh thing and I am looking for something different.

    #7 - My seventh theme was just a regular Naruto character profile. Now this worked with the lyrics perfectly. Except I could not get all the characters into the video. I mean if it’s a Naruto character profile it has to have meaning with the song. When I tried this it only worked with Naruto and Sasuke. Like if I tried something with Naruto and Kakashi it would not work because there would be nothing that fit the lyrics “I never meant to do those things to you.

    #8 - YES this is the one that would work. Ask anyone that are in my credits and they will tell you how hard I worked to get to this point in finding the right theme that fit the song perfectly. It was the Naruto and Sasuke theme. Yes this may have been used a lot in many videos but this one is very different it has a great theme and matched the Lyrics Perfectly. I was so excited on making this video when I found this theme. I quickly rushed and started Editing. Also one more thing that you may notice in my video is that I only used episodes 1 – 50. My friends always ask why I only used episodes 1 - 50 and I always tell them its because there is no more theme for the lyrics in this video past episode 50 with Naruto and Sasuke. I would have used the other episodes if I felt the need to but I felt like there was no need for them. If I used those other episodes this video would be completely out of order and the lyrics would not make sense with the video. The beginning may seem a little weird but once you get into watching the video you will start to love it. I put in some crazy effects on this one.

    Well for all the lyrics I would have to say that I matched them up with the story perfectly. I mean every word that the song said I felt like I knew what I was going to put.

    Artist – Hoobastank
    Song – The Reason
    Album – The Reason

    P.S. (Didn’t put lyrics because The Unlimited said I was overdoing it  )

    I would like to thank so many people on helping me with this video.

    First people I want to thank are Tallegasee for doing all my beta testing and telling me what I would need to fix and give me some good opinions on effects and also Dbzrkyyh for getting me into naruto.!! COULDNT DONE IT WITHOUT YOU !! :)

    I would also like to thank LightningCountX for helping me out with my credits and helping me out with Photoshop.

    These people that I am about to thank believed in me all the way 100% when no one else did. I want to thank are Super Fusion, The Unlimited, and Fuze for believing in me in making this video.

    These are the people who really helped me out on effects because as u guys know this is my second video on premiere and it is MY BEST AS OF FAR ^_^. Anyway the people I would like to thank are SnhKnives (For helping me out with freeze framing.) The Unlimited (For teaching me the fade in and out black effect with the Opacity rubber band) Musclebobbuffpants and Hexed (For helping me out with Adobe After Effects.) SSJVegita0609 (For helping me choose the best color effect.)

    Programs I used are:

    DVD Decrypter
    Virtual Dub
    Adobe Premiere 6.5
    Adobe Photoshop 7.0
    Adobe After Effects 6.0

    I plan on doing a Version 2 (Part 2) of this video with a better story if Naruto comes out with new and better episodes with great themes in them out. Finally THE END IS HERE sorry for the long comments but I had a lot to say. Now go and watch my video and if you could please leave an opinion I would really appreciate it.

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