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  • Member: Minion
  • Title: Love Hina - Break Stuff
  • Premiered: 2004-06-28
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    • Limp Bizkit Break Stuff
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  • Comments: update: revisiting this video, also. i made this a long time ago. going back and watching it again, it's safe to say it sucks. yes, its still a fun video to watch, but the capture sucked, the lip sync sucked, and at many points, the action sync sucked (though even today, i have to admit there were many action syncs i did very well considering how inexperienced i was when i made this)
    whew that felt good.

    this is my second amv. first comedy amv, and first attempt on lip sycning. go easy on me...

    parts that ARE lip synced (in order):
    everythign is ****ed, everybody sucks.
    it's just one of those days.
    next in line to get ****ed up.
    i feel like ****
    cause right now i'm dangerous
    break your ****in' face tonight.
    so come and get it.

    parts that AREN'T lip synced, but can be mistaken for it:
    the part where hes in a dress.
    the part where shes on the floor and moves her mouth for like a second.
    the part where he rips off her towel, and she says something.

    so no, those parts aren't screw ups. they just happened to move their mouths at those parts.

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