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  • Member: x_rex30
  • Title: TranceSudation (Anime with Trance)
  • Premiered: 2004-06-26
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    • Mars & Mystre Brilliant
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  • Comments: Main Concept: To show the greatness of the animation in anime.


    This is the first AMV I created. It was created in a class called Multimedia Design back in 2000. It was the second semester, and the students had the task to come up with there own projects, that where multimedia related, and mine happened to be an AMV. ^_^ With 40+ students, a timeline of three weeks to make this, and only two video editing stations to work on, it was a ball-buster making this, Nevertheless a lot of fun to make.

    Probably the most fun parts I had editing was all the Armitage scenes, and it felt like most of them fit so well to the music. When I had one Day left to finish the video, I had 2 hours left and 40 seconds incomplete, but luckily I was able to finish it in time. I think if I had a day or so more to complete the video, the ending would of turned out a lot better. ^^

    Given opinions are greatly appreciated!!! And if you happen to drop some good constructive opinions about it, or just wanna say what you liked about it, what you think I could of done to make it look better, then i'll try to give you a response, and leave an opinion for one/some of your videos as well. ^_^

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