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  • Member: Quu
  • Studio: Demon Kitty
  • Title: Follow the Sun
  • Premiered: 2001-09-21
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    • Triple J Follow the Sun
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  • Comments: This was my second entry into the Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Non-Stop Mega-Mix Anime Music Video Challenge. It is track 35, “Follow the Sun”. The DDR Project uses a non stop CD, where different tracks were given to different creators, so each video starts 5 seconds into the track before it, and 5 second after, to allow each track to blend into each other. This is not a full AMV, but rather my part of a larger colaberative project. Someone elses video goes before mine, and gomes after, so the music trails off.

    “Follow the Sun” was actually one of my earlier choices for tracks, but was taken before I could ask for it. One of my favorite series that I watched when I was a child was “Mysterious Cities of Gold”. I knew when I heard that song that it should be done to MCoG. When the person who originally acquired the track dropped out, I pounced quickly and took it as my second track in the project. It was getting closer to the deadline, and backup tracks were being assigned. I dragged up my VCD copies of the show, and put them through the video cleaning process (same process that is in my video game guide), to make the footage look clear. Then after that my plan was simple, show off MCoG. There is no real depth or story in this video, except for the story that is inherent in the show to begin with. I knew certain cues I had to hit, like the “Jump” at the beginning. By this time we knew that there would be no animated DJ for the mix, so I felt no problem using him as a cue.

    From after the jump, I simply started telling a chronological story of the plot of MCoG. I used Episodes 1-22 (no damn Olmecs!!!) in order, and made sure to use at least one shot from each episode. I tried concentrating on either money shots of that episode, or shots that fit well with the current part of the music. It should act as a quick thumbnail guide of what was going on in the show. I also, just for fun, decided to include the title of the show in the video, since it worked so well with my other DDR video. Then when I added one, why not add all three titles: English, French, and Japanese.

    Through out the video, I messed with the speed of the footage, to allow me to show as much of the show into the small venue I had. MCoG lent its self to many sweeping dramatic shots that look very good, but take to long in a dance video. In all there is no real technical bits here, except the restoration of the footage (which looks incredible compared to the original footage). It is simply an advertisement for the series, and everything that makes this video good, is what makes the show good.

    My goal, in making people remember and want to watch the show has worked, as thus far I have had more people ask me for copies of the show than for copies of the DDRAMV its self.

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