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  • Member: Quu
  • Studio: OtakuVideo
  • Title: It Only Took a Minute Fans
  • Premiered: 2001-09-21
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    • Tavares It Only Takes a Minute Girl
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  • Comments: This was my third entry into the Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Non-Stop Mega-Mix Anime Music Video Challenge. It is track 22, “It only takes a Minute”. The DDR Project uses a non stop CD, where different tracks were given to different creators, so each video starts 5 seconds into the track before it, and 5 second after, to allow each track to blend into each other. This is not a full AMV, but rather my part of a larger colaberative project. Someone elses video goes before mine, and gomes after, so the music trails off.

    This track was originally supposed to be completed by Jingoro (Daric Jackson)... but due to other commitments in his life, he was unable to finish it. I took his video, and filled in the gaps. Time was running out on the DDRAMV project, and we needed the tracks finished.

    When Jingoro and I started discussing his track, he decided on “It only takes a Minute” as his choice. He was trying to find what footage to use, and I suggested a hentai. He liked one of the hentais I loaned him called “Can Can Bunny Extra”. It was a very cute story, basically a hentai version of “Ah! My Goddess”, but not a direct rip-off. He decided to go a head and use that footage, limiting him self to the clean scenes of the animation, since the project needed to be able to be viewed by a large audience. Another thing that limited him was that the footage was subtitled.

    He was able to capture the first episode only, though he was planning on using all 6 episodes. By the time I got his computer, he had finished the first 30 seconds, some spots in the middle, and the very end parts. Jingoro dropped of his computer, and the rest of the anime tapes. I was going to use his computer for mastering the AWA7 Pro contest. I needed to finish the video before then, and also needed to finish it for the deadline with Brad.

    I have to be insane to have taken that project, considering all the other aspects that were going on at once. I was in the midst of the post-Otakon recovery of the file library and AWA was fast approaching. I did not have time to remove the subtitles, so I used a trick I had learned in a video that I put on hold. I first laid out as much un-subbed footage as I could. Even using boring background scenes, and unmoving images. Anything to make sure that there was footage at all points. I was not trying to make sure everything was timed right, but if I could help it, I tried to add in the cues. I then took the original capture, shifted it down about 30%, and then applied a gradient for a transparency model. So any time you see what looks like video that fades away at the edges to some video below it, I was doing that to avoid the subtitles. I made sure that the overlaid video compensated for any missed cues in the footage below. Then because it was 4+ AM… I started adding some of the hentai scenes back in, but in such a way that they were still “clean”. Toes curl like that in anime during only one thing… covering up some people making out with the friend watching them, such that you can’t tell. It was late at night, and I needed some humor in my life. This was of course while I was capturing video on one machine, converting audio and MUXing streams on a second, and working on this project on the third machine, each in different rooms in my house. I would do a circuit every 3-4 minutes (how long it took a video to capture), working on the video in small spurts. I killed many a bottle of Surge and Citra during those times.

    Overall I spent maybe 4 hours on this video, and it shows. Sorry.

    After this video, the AWA7 Pro contest hit, then Masters and Expo. I wanted to help out with more tracks, but my time had to be concentrated on making the con’s contests run, and I could spare no more time.

    So this track did not take me long, and it shows... "It only took a minute fans, to make this vid, to make this vid..."

    DDR haunted me one more time, at the con, but that is another story.

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