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  • Member: RanChan13
  • Studio: Studio Yygdrasil
  • Title: Finding your Full Moon
  • Premiered: 2004-06-24
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    • Jade from Sweetbox 1000 Words
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  • Comments: First off, pardon my subtitles.
    I'm using Windows Movie Maker, which won't allow me to use Virtual Dub when my video is complete to edit them out. As for the idea of editing them out prior to making the video, I only have a 30Gig hard drive, no where near enough room to edit the dubtitles out of all 52 episodes.

    Secondly, pardon my video quality.
    I was using fansubs here because I'm a poor college student and I can't afford to import the entire series on DVD. I lost a bit of quality in the editing process, but not nearly as much as I expected.

    Finally, pardon the sound effects in the song.
    I could have used the full 6 minute version, but that's far too long to hold interest of a video viewer, so instead I ripped the song from the game, since I couldn't find a shorter version elsewhere, but that had the side effect of including sound effects that really detract from the video. I did however work upon my mad editing skillz and tried to use those effects as just another beat to sync my video to. There are moments I felt I did this extremely well.

    This is my first video that attempts any real lip synching, and I was also attempting to use other editing tricks with Windows Movie Maker, some of which will seem quite obvious and amatuer, but at the same time, they take some more advanced thinking, and require program knowledge to use effectively.

    So, keeping in mind that I know a few of my problems with this video already, I ask that you grade my video based on the problems I don't see, rather then the problems I've already mentioned. Enjoy

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