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  • Member: SSJVegita0609
  • Studio: Blood Sugar Productions
  • Title: Dream World
  • Premiered: 2004-06-24
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    • In Flames Cloud Connected
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  • Comments: Okay, so I know what you're thinking...

    OMG, it's SSJ and he made another typical one of his action/drama vids. However, this one has some nifty little features that make it a bit more unique among both my videos, and your typical, everyday works of angst. Now listen up, cause this is a bit complicated:

    The overeaching theme of the video, which is expressed mainly through the actions of the various characters, is escapism. All of the people in the video, especially Hitomi, Van, and Folken, are trapped in realities that they are both unsuited for and unhappy with. So they either attempt to create or simply retreat into a fantasy world. For Hitomi, this fantasy world is Gaea, the mysterious land she is sucked into after a fit of depression and emptiness. Van's dream world is inside of the Escaflowne, where he goes to escape from his own frustrated reality in Gaea. Folken's dream world is the darkened emptiness of the Black Dragon armada. He seeks to create a fantasy world in which nothing exists, and his medium for this is Dilandau.

    Now, the most important factor of the video is how the three characters manage to cure themselves of this escapism. Oddly enough, they do so through each other. Hitomi's escapism is cured by the companionship she finds in Van, and the fact that observing him allows her to realize her own problem. Van, in turn, is cured by Hitomi's wish to calm him down, and the fact that she gives him a reason to appreciate reality over his violent dream world. Folken is cured by both Van and two of the other minor characters in the video (being Jajuka and the elf witch). Ironically, it's Van's escape that at first hinders Folken's fantasy. Van manages to defeat Dilandau twice, both time thwarting the destruction of Gaea by keeping Folken from Hitomi. When Folken is finally killed by Jajuka, his dream is smashed with him, and he is freed of it, dying with the image of Van running towards him as a child (I got teary when I put that scene in there at 2:51, seriously, it's only 2 seconds or so but it's heavy when you think about it in the context of the movie).

    So that's the main idea behind the video in a nutshell, I also placed a few scenes in there to artistically give the video a more dream like and fantastic feel (mainly the color change stuff). You may have to watch it a few times before a lot of the stuff I've mentioned hits you, the pace is pretty damn fast. You'll need the latest Xvid to watch. Well, that's about all I can say, Enjoy!

    Oh, and you gotta love In Flames...

    *Ponders making more vids to them in the future*

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