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  • Member: Toji Fujawara
  • Studio: J Productions
  • Premiered: 2004-06-24
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  • Comments: *Quick Note: This video is and will not be uploaded to the org due to extream Violance. At the momment i do not have the money to buy any sort of hosting so im looking for another site that will host. If there is anyone out there that is willing to help i woulg greatly appreciate it.

    Codec: Divx compatable XVid

    I had wanted to make a rap video for a while now, I just felt as though there where many good rap songs (you know i never really thought i would say good and rap in the same sentance meh) that could be used to make great amv's. Anyway after i saw
    Beowulf - Natural Born Killers The idea begain to work its way into my mind and ideas started flying out but at the time that i wanted to make this video i didn't think that my editing skills where good enough to make the amv's that i wanted to...granted i still dont belive they are any where near the level taht i wish they where at, but i just had to get this out of my system. Actually i owe this mainly to Globocide Video Contest wanting a dark video....and then my cousin for giving me a demo of some underground rap groups from South Baltimore (Maryland if you didn't know).

    Where the idea came from:
    Like I said i needed to make a dark video for the Globocide Video Contest when my cousin gave me the CD of underground rap from South Baltimore. Anyway when i got to track four the beat seemed to catch my attition more then any of the other previous track (and the ones after it for that matter). I started listening to it over and over, I actually listend to it continually for over an hour and a half. Well while i continued to listen to it scenes started working around in my mind for an amv and it was just what i needed...a dark video (it was also an action video witch is what i was really looking to do). I flew to my room and started by ripping the song and putting it in the premiere timeline studying the waves, listening to each beat, and every lyric for well about 4 days, with various amounts of time each day. The idea stuck and i think it worked out well in the end.
    Well at first there was not going to be any kind of stroy, infact i was just going to dark, senseless action video...but i guess my intrest with shameless lyric sync just kind of took over and it evolved into somewhat of a story. The story is mainly to try and show how the two main characters where alike, and in some way needed each other to keep going. The story is actually alot deeper then this but this is how i ment for it to come out and I also ment for it to be inturpreted differently. Hopefuly i did a decent job of portraying the story.
    Notes on Editing:
    Well this took for ever to make...only my third amv using avs scripts. The seeking time was once again a little hard to get used to but like any other time i used the avs scripts I got use to that. Anyway with editng at the opening before the lyircs i intorduced the characters making Sawa my main character swicthing the charcters once then switching them again when the the lyrics started at what i guess could be called the chorus. I kept with the same character until the the next chorus where i switche the characters.

    In each sections for the characters i focused mainly on their strugles witch mainly evolved from each of their main battles i guess you could call it. During this time i did loads of timing many on small things raging from a simple arm movement to a gun shot and not leaving out simple scene changes.

    Effects- Well to tell the turth this was my first time using affects other than some WMM style transitions witch i still regret using but thats in the past now and has nothing to do with this video. Anyway the main effects i used where the clip effects for simple timeing issues and a few lighting effects also for timeing issues. The lighting effects are just put into other liths witch only last for a max of 2 frames. The lighting effects can be easly seen if you look for them and many are in the background of other actions. They will catch your eye but only slighly unless you are looking for them. There is only one instance where it is out in the open and mainly the only thing hapening in the scene. The clips are alright and dont last for more then well a few seconds in once case but change and dont really take away fromt he video's story/mood or anything of that matter.
    Hours Spent ~ lost trak after about 80 hours (no it really doesn't look like i spent that long)
    Progrmas used:
    DVD Decrypter
    DVD2AVI 1.7
    avs scripts
    Premiere 6.5

    Side Note: This is my first amv made under the studio J Productions :)

    update (10/2/04): As i have lost my only copy of this video due to a virus i am afraide that this video will never be up for dl unles someone that i have sent it to has a copy. Sorry. Not like anyone would really watch it though

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