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  • Member: Kurama's rose girl
  • Title: Kaoru - Hello
  • Premiered: 2004-06-23
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    • Evanescance Hello
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    Hello everyone who has ever bothered downloading any of my amv's!!! It's been a while huh? Well to tell the truth, between now the last video before this I've made at least 5 other music videos. Why didn't I upload them? Cause I think they suck!!! Even the remake of a should be easy idea- (kenshin - my Immortal) still sucks!!! Actually this a is a remake of the origonal idea "kenshin - Hello" which would have random clips that fit the lrics, compared to that version, this rules!!!

    ----K&K FANS BEWARE!!!!----

    In this video i made it from kaoru's possition watching kenshin and tomoe's love etc. This was really inspired by two dreams of kaoru's in the Rurouni Kenshin OVA 6 when she is held captive by enshi or w/e his name is. Notice on video catagory I selected other, This video is what I would call angst or dark. It is sad, so w/e.


    You all remember on my kenshin - "whisper" video I said I was a die hard k&k fan? I think I'vfe been hypnotized... I now think both kenshin and kaoru, and kenshin and tomoe make cute couples. T_T Another thing, i actually had to force myself to put rurouni kenshin not just OVA and samerai X on the origonal version of this video. It was scary- I'd almost abandoned the anime that started it all! Well, I'm glad I did or this remake as it is would SUCK! x.x


    1) Kenshin - Imaginary (clips are totally random in this 1)
    2) Tomoe and Kenshin - Heaven (ooo k&k fans would KILL me for this 1)
    3) Kenshin's Immortal Tomoe (couldn't deside to call it that or just Kenshin - My immortal)

    Please enjoy the video! =^.~=

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