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  • Member: VegettoEX
  • Title: Ky˘fu no Jinz˘ningen
  • Premiered: 2004-06-18
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    • The Day After Tomorrow Theatrical Trailer
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  • Comments: This is just a little something I threw together one day. It really only contains footage from two episodes (the episode from DBZ where Nappa & Vegeta land, and the second-to-last episode of DBGT). I was watching the last DBGT disc, and episode 63 was just FILLED with over-the-top explosions and earthly destruction. Having recently downloaded the trailer for The Day After Tomorrow, it was in my mind, so I decided to go for it.

    So this trailer is my attempt to show what it would be like for the rest of the human population when the Jinz˘ningen arrive / land / surface / whatever. If you're not Goku and friends, you probably have absolutely no idea why there's all this death and destruction going on. This is the cycle of events through THEIR eyes.

    It's a pretty serious video, but everyone at AnimeNext seemed to laugh near the end where Trunks lip-synchs "Save as many as you can..." I'm not sure if it's just mob-mentality kicking in (characters + speaking = LOL), or if for some reason it's disturbingly amusing to see Trunks speaking with such a low voice. Whatever. People seemed to enjoy it :P. And yes, I realize that it's the Trunks from DBGT speaking... he just looks bad-ass and serious in that pose. Too perfect to pass up.

    Special thanks to Julian for whipping up the Japanese text at the end of the video (the title). It translates to along the lines of "The Fearsome Artificial Humans."

    Not much else to say about the video. Short, sweet, fun. Enjoy!

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