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  • Member: LCY84
  • Studio: S.M.A.H.U.T. inc.
  • Title: bakumatsu no futatsu enbun
  • Premiered: 2004-06-20
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    • Travis walking down the hill
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  • Comments: After have realised my X00:kamui no yume's amv, I would like to realised an amv more romantical, no with much effects. But my last realisation after my clamp clip was my openning of fmp fumoffu with the anime love hina with much effects. So I keep my idea on head and decided to make a drama.

    I've realised this video in order to make a comparason between the the anime which are peace maker kurogane and kenshin ova's because these two anime passed during the bakamatsu.
    In fact, I wanted to explain the life of the two heroes (tetsu and kenshin) between love and their life of samouraļ, so my amv make the comparaison between this and that's why it's name is "bakumatsu no futatsu enbun" that we could traduct by "two loves in bakumatsu period". The 2 "loves" are symbolized by this of tetsu and this of keshin but also by the impression of tear between their loves for saya and tomoe and their "art" of samouraļ.

    I hope you'll like my amv ;)

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    Thanks to wunjo who made my avatar on after effect because it would take too long and I don't have the courage to make it.

    mp3 192kbps

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    VCA 2005 Semi finalist (Best sentimental video)

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