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  • Member: Bote
  • Title: Watashiwa Nozomu Eien
  • Premiered: 2004-06-20
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    • Backstreet Boys All I Have to Give
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  • Comments: Contest/Awards: Nominated "Best Romance" at AWA.

    ----Quick Description---- This video was first started as a responce to a chalenge my friend Majin Trunks gave me. The original idea was that each of us picks the worse, least AMV-able song he can think of. Well, MT was quite generous :D. The song isn't bad, at all. Maybe there's a bit gayness in the band itself lol, but wut ya gonna do *shrugs*. I, on the other hand, was quite an evil bastard *wicked*. Serbian foreign folk song that is performed LIVE. Imagine the horror! He still hasn't finished his part :P.

    Well I only needed an anime then, right? KGNE was only anime I've watched that had material for a Romance video and enough fitting footage.

    So I started out editing. Of course, I planned out the whole concept in my head before starting, but all the good stuff in the video came afterwards during the editing process and even later when I found a girl that I like. That was an additional inspiration for me and boosted up my editing a lot ^_^. The editing time spent was averaging 6-8h a day without a break from May 1st 'till June 19th. Hmm, it took me sooner than I thought.

    Programs used:

    Adobe Premiere 6.5 - For main editing.
    Adobe Photopshop 7 - For making masks and manipulating with actual stills.
    3D Studio Max 5 - For animating the effects and doing 2 backgrounds.
    VirtualDubMod - Hence the final quality awesomeness.

    ----Anime/Video Story---- In the anime the story is centered arround a love triangle between Takayuki (main actor of this AMV, grey hair), Mitsuki (leading female part, purple hair) and Haruka (OMG she's not in the video!). I completely deleted Haruka out of the video. Ugh...I dislike everything about her, hence I kicked her out lol. At first Takayuki has butterflies for Mitsuki, but she pushes him to date Haruka (UGH!) and in the end he falls in love with Haruka (PEH!). Haruka gets hit by a car and falls into a deep coma that lasts for 2 years. During that time Takayuki and Mitsuki fall in love. There are many strange event developments further on and I don't wanna spoil them to you :D.

    What is important for the video itself is that I've put in a secondary character of the show Shinji (Takayuki's best friend, orange hair) to look like the bad guy. He has a small affair with Mitsuki cause Mitsuki used him in the show, but in the video I made him look like a bad guy *wicked*. Takayuki desires Mitsuki and loves her madly. She, on the other hand, has a boyfriend, but has a lot of problems with him (just follow the lyrics when watching). Takayuki thinks about how beautiful she is and how good it would have been if they were togheter. The first 3 refrains are only his desires not the events ("If you were my girl", "Waiting for the day to make you mine"). I think it's quite obvious since I used little Saturation decrease to show that. When the slower paced part comes (the one that looks like a photo), he remembers earlier events, when they were younger and how much he loved her even then. He runs and searches for her in the woods and finally they get the togheter. A happy ending *sniff*.

    Shinji doesn't show up that much since the anime itself doesn't offer fitting footage. His short performance is enough to show the other two, more important characs. and their emotions. In short, a romantic story about Takayuki's love towards his childhood friend Mitsuki. Hence the title "The Eternity I Desire" ~.O.

    ----3D Effects---- Whoever says I abused the effects is just envious :P. Everything I did was in order to make the video look smoother and to help the timing. Many of you will get surprised right in the beggining where I used a very unique way of timing guitar riffs. I animated 2 different similar effects in 3D Max in blue colour and then imported them in Premiere, adjusted Hue & Sat. a bit and voila. You may also notice that the beggining manipulates with stills and needed a lot of Photoshopping in order to look like that. I like to think my maskings are quite perfect and not sloppy like I've seen in some videos. You judge for yourself I guess.

    In this video you have a privilege to witness the awesomeness of the following effects (names given by me ^_^): Stardust, Startrail & Falling Star. All of them took a lot of sweat and time to animate. The first one is the most complex and it shows at 1:30 of the video. It has 100's of small star-alike particles and it took me a whole damn week to make! The other two are more simpler, but manage to achieve the same for the viewer. Falling Star does look like a falling star lol cause I wanted to make it that way. If you try to listen carefully you'll notice that each time the sound effect appears it sounds different. That's why all the timing solutions I've made look different.

    Besides making these effects I also made 2 backgrounds in 3D Max. During the video you'll see Earth in space twice. First time (at 2:27) it was the clip from the anime, but the one near the end (3:12) was completely animated by me. Everything you see: Earth, stars etc. took a whole lot of time to do, not to mention I changed its original look 3 times. The other background is quite an interesting solution I did for one timing spot. It was pretty loud so it had to be timed. Blue background with blurred drips. Looked very fitting so I kept it there.

    ----Other Effects---- I don't consider the effects that are implied in Premiere effects, but others do I guess *shrugs*. Everything about other effects is related to "Gradient Wipe" and "Image Matte". Took a lot of Photoshop torture, but boy did it payed off ^_^. Each time the lyrics "I wish I could give the world to you" appear you'll see the goodness what is photoshopping. The beggining part also took decent torture to mask, but it looks good so I ain't complaining. Stupid effects like "HSL" or "Brigtness & Contrast" have also been used. To hell, those are not effects peps. Snap out of it.

    The whole video is to be understood by following the lyrics:

    I don't know what he does to make you cry
    but I'll be there to make you smile
    I don't have a fancy car
    to get to you I'd walk a thousand miles
    I don't care if he buys you nice things
    Does his gifts come from the heart - I don't know...
    But if you were my girl
    I'd make it so we'd never be apart

    But my love is all I have to give
    Without you I don't think I can live
    I wish I could give the world to you... but
    Love is all I have to give(give..)

    When you talk(when you talk), does it seem like he's not
    even listening to a word you say?
    That's ok babe, just tell me your problems
    I'll try my best to kiss them all AWAY...
    Does he leave(does he leave) when you need him the most?
    Does his friends get all your time?
    Baby please, I'm on my knees
    praying for the day that you'll be mine!


    But my love is all I have to give
    without you I don't think I can live
    I wish I could give the world to you

    The mistakes aren't typos! The singer actually pronounces it like that. A biiiig grammar error to the text writter *shakes head*. That about it I guess. The video is DivX5 stream Xvid compressed: source

    So, get one of these two in order to watch the video. Audio is LAME MP3 at 192 kb/s, usual. Get it from

    Since I don't have a strong computer my WindowsMediaPlayer is a bit error prone while watching and stalls. Such problems don't occur in DivXPlayer (you get when you dld DivX codec), RealPlayer and BSPlayer as far as I know. This is a minor problem and I'm quite assured 90% of people have DivXPlayer installed. Have fun.

    640X480 at 24FPS
    Audio: 192 kb/s
    Filesize: 30.8 MB's

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    Thank you for your time.


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