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  • Member: Geirr
  • Title: The Chibi Things that met MA DEUCE
  • Premiered: 2004-06-19
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    • Focus House of the King
    • Klaus Badelt He's a Pirate
    • Nanase Hikaru ex-Driver OST - "My Little Journey"
    • Nanase Hikaru ex-Driver OST - "Sunaiba"
    • Taku Iwasaki Bring All the Wisdom to England
    • Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture
    • Yes Parallels
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  • Comments: - Nominee, 2005 Viewers' Choice Award.
    - Winner, Sakuracon 2005 AMV Contest - Action category.

    (Many thanks to all of you, and congratulations to the gun crew and camera crew.)

    If you've ever gritted your teeth when, partway into a series of relatively
    COOL characters, good plot, etc, now here comes the obnoxious Jar-Jar
    Binks-type chibi thing - as in (pick one or more):

    - usually diminutive
    - communicates in child-like, high-pitched voice, or sqeaks/yips
    - bogs down a COOL character who has to translate the noises
    for the rest of the group
    - slows the COOL plot by its weakness or incompetence, and/or
    - captures the maternal attentions of a great-looking character
    who should otherwise be available for other COOL characters
    to hit on, ESPECIALLY getting in the way of a COOL costume
    view or fan-service shot
    - or is just plain ANNOYING,

    ... then you will ENJOY this project. Many months went into producing
    the last 40 seconds: CAREFUL planning, research, networking with
    people mostly WAY outside of the anime community, finding out
    what kinds of approvals were needed, SAFETY, (with many thanks
    for all the professional help and advice,) and second-to-last,
    procuring eleven plush critters for the finale ...

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