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  • Member: StupidGuy
  • Studio: a-l-w
  • Title: The Hunt
  • Premiered: 2001-11-12
  • Category:
  • Song:
    • Carl Orff O Fortuna
  • Anime:
  • Comments: A Review form the net:

    Nobody in his right mind would say that Carl Orff's great classic, O Fortuna, is an original song to use for any music video. Nonetheless this is what StupidGuy chose for his music video entitled The Hunt. I have to admit he made something quite interesting out of this supposedly cliché song. With the constant interweaving of red riding hood and Panzer scenes, it really feels like a hunt with the Panzers silently tracking their prey. This is interesting because the movie doesn't achieve the same effect at all : when the Panzers corner the red riding hood, it feels almost like an accident. Then of course there's the roaring third stanza of the song with the expected (but very fitting) burst of ultra-violence. Also, even though it's probably a coincidence, the lyrics fit rather well with the tone of Jin-Roh.

    There's one thing to note about the sound level... Since this is the original version of O Fortuna, the first 3 verses of the first stanza are very loud, then the rest of the first stanza and the second are very soft, and the third stanza is a thundering climactic chorus. This makes for quite an impressive display in an opera (for which this song was meant) but on your computer it requires to crank the sound waaay up otherwise the first and second stanzas will be inaudible. Actually, if truth be told, a loud volume is really the only way to experience O Fortuna in all of its splendor. Just be sure to either 1) have earphones or 2) not have neighbors. ^_^


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