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  • Member: themaan
  • Studio: Flying Head Co.
  • Title: Blue Skies (Shine)
  • Premiered: 2004-06-15
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    • Electric Light Orchestra Mr. Blue Sky
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  • Comments: *Re-Written As Of 2004-08-23*

    *Minor Spoilers That Are Out Of Context Are Presented In This AMV*

    In honor of releasing the new re-mastered version of this video, I thought I'd re-write this page. The first thing people say when they watch this video is, "That was so repetitive!" I've been told this everywhere by almost everyone who has left an opinion or has been able to talk to me about the video in some other fashion. Well, I thought that I'd go for a sort of Soul Of An Angel editing style. If you read his video comments, you'll see that he repeated footage and editing style for different parts of the song. Although thew song I'm using isn't as obviously repetitive, it is quite repetitive in my opinion. So I decided to have a certain editing style to fit certain parts of the song. But not repeated footage. I felt that I had too many clips to work with to just throw it all away by going totally Soul Of An Angel style. And I still want to keep the concept semi-original.

    As far as the music choice goes. Electric Light Orchestra (or ELO) is my favourite band. By far. When I went to see the movie Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, I really liked most of the music. The original score was fantastic and it featured some really good songs from some really good bands. I also remembered that Mr. Blue Sky was featured on the commercial for the movie and I thought that the song may be on the soundtrack. Sure enough, the song was right there. Number two, right after the main titles song. It is definitely in the top ten for my favourite ELO songs, but it's not as good as, say, Twilight or Yours Truly or anything. I was actually struggling, because I really wanted to do an ELO song for this video. But I couldn't decide wich. After much consideration I figured that some of the other songs were a tad overdone. But Mr. Blue Sky was nice and fresh. After listening to the music I started to come up with a better concept.

    Apart from my whole Soul Of An Angel idea. I also have something a little more original. The reason I decided to use Akira and End Of Evangelion was because I felt that I had enough clips to represent this little moral. "Life Is Tough, But Be Happy Anyway" Throughout the entire video, we see all of the troubles in the two characters life. And in the end, they become happy and fulfill there purpose. And as a symbol of death at the end of the video, I used scenes from each movie of the worlds destruction and then I show a quick scene of them both as children. Kind of to symbolize the whole "life flashing before your eyes when you die" thing.

    I think that just about sums up this video. Enjoy watching the new remastered version. I have taken out both bumpers because I've gotten a lot of negative feedback about them. And I decided to go bumperless on the rest of my AMVs anyway.

    Oh ya, and as they always say, opinions are welcome.

    Semi Finalist At Sharingan-Eye AMV Contest 2004
    Finalist At Ani-Magic 2004
    Finalist In Comedy (although I STRONGLY disagree with placement) at Anime Destiny 2004

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